Saturday, March 8, 2008

snow day!

lots of snow outside and it keeps coming. i like being snowed in. we took saylor sledding for a little bit yesterday.he was all bundled up wearing a hat that a friend of mine from starbucks made for me [so girly but warm] and gloves that we've had lying around and i just found out colin bought them when i was pregnant! how cute. he had fun and whenever we stopped pulling him he'd furiously make the 'please' sign as he wanted us to keep going.

this is him playing with our little penguin we adopted from my dad while i swept [swept not shoveled as we have only a broom] our sidewalk path.pointless as there was twice as much snow an hour later. poor penguin's tip of nose came off in an unknown tragic accident last year.don't stare, he's kinda self-conscious.

note the girly hat and awkward gloves.and cute face.

last weekend one of my best friends from childhood got married.we've known each other since we were toddlers and there is a lot of [unreal -should be a movie- kinda painful] drama and a couple falling outs but we still love each other and though our lives are polar opposite we still share the same sense of humor and laughter is great medicine and it holds us together. over many years me,julie and jayme [another best friend i've known since the womb] have taken countless pictures of each other on the toilet.for awhile we didn't even realize it we just happened to do it...once we realized it we made a point to do it and so there are probably 50plus pictures of us in various bathrooms around the world. julie has the most taken of her and i remember countless times she'd be going then i'd be like 'oh ya let me take a picture' and she'd sigh like it's a hassle but it's got to be done- and pose, click alright let's go. so it's always fun for the bride to try to go to the bathroom-she's bound to need help with the dress.i grab my phone to take pictures and didn't even realize the history until julie's sister mentioned it'd be another one for the collection.i guess it's instinct for me. julie=toilet=camera. so here we are.

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