Tuesday, March 18, 2008

come hither spring

i've been sick and then poor saylor got sick.and now i am sick again.of course colin was away while saylor was sick. he had a fever-close to 103. the only other time he had a fever was when he was 6months old.so i felt a tad nervous but in the normal way. he was just a snuggle ball curled up on my chest for hours,wearing no clothes as his body was burning hot. my nurse sister helped my administering tylenol and motrin and that helped a bunch. i tend to be weary of medicine but was so thankful for this as it helped the fever go down and he even played a smidge.slept a bunch, moaned in his sleep....was uncharacteristically whiny for an exhausting day and is now back to his happy little self.
colin is back in house of heroes and it feels...well it feels right like a comfy shoe but the shoe is old and is the shoe going to really take us where we need to go? i do so love the boys [will we ever say men!? haha] in that band...they love each other, they love and respect colin and our family....so i'm glad that colin is with them again. he didn't want to go back but we are looking at it as finishing what he started.but it is very difficult,yes, because it is not making [enough] money.colin is a father and a husband and all he wants to do is provide for his family.he [we] love all that house of heroes is and the music they've made but he has lost passion as he's felt like it's leading to nowhere.how long do we do this lord? and it is daunting to think of him having to start over. start over and do what?! where are we going lord.he is such a hard worker and i know he will do whatever he needs to do but i want him to be happy where he is at.to feel like he's using his god-given talents.....there's been a lot of praying going on this past year.and in all of this colin and i are doing great.this is life and life shouldn't be easy.i've said this a million times lately- being a christian does not equal success or happiness. [happiness in our sense anyhow]. i always think of the book 'the heavenly man' by brother yun.that man suffered for christ big time and rejoiced because of it.refine us lord. all we need is God, i don't need anything else.i want to live that way and this season is a chance to feel that and learn that a little.so walk us through this lord, we want to use this time for your glory.so much more i think, so much more i could say.....
this weekend was nice.a wedding shower and a birthday party and a good church service.i am seriously amazed and grateful for the women in my life.my bestest of friends and the ones i see occasionally...the party was hip-hop themed,if you will....we were all dressed up-or rather dressed down.oh and the dancing....my camera phone could not capture the amazing outfits people were wearing but maybe i can steal some pictures from other people because it was pretty hilarious.

colin makes smoothies all the time and of course saylor loves to drink them too


Happy Hippie said...

You two have the right attitude. We will continue praying for you and your family. We understand where you are coming from. It can be a tough place to be in. But the Lord is blessing you in the fact that you and Colin are doing well in your relationship! That can not be underestimated. Your relationship being strong will help you get through everything else. God is blessing you and keeping you. Your up beat and humble attitude will allow the rest of his plan to fall into place. You two stay strong in God and pray for each other! You both are so much wiser than your ages. I am in awe! Saylor is so blessed to have you and Colin as his role models.

saylor days said...

thank you so much holly.xoxo