Thursday, July 8, 2010

excerpts from 2005

found a little notebook from 2005... some highlights from it..

sasha, camilla
dorian, simone
saylor, ella
annabelle, ava
logan?, maeve
olivia, grace, hope
roma, amelia

i love that we named our son saylor dorian.. and i have a friend who has named her girls ella and olivia. we considered roma for clover's name.. i still love it.

i have several lists of movies i want to see [liminy spicket, the aviator] and books to read [normal girl, who moved my cheese]... then

reusable cat litter liners?
crochet how to, ideas

then there's this, i have no idea, feel free to help me's gonna bug me..
nell/let's? kill the calfparts nic cage board game with jared babysitting, soft baby dream 1-6-5
---whaaaaaa???? maybe it was a dream? yes it was a dream! cuz i underlined the word dream. still don't remember or understand what i wrote though numbers...
and a list of things to do while colin's gone.. i did this all the time
bookstore, clean apartment
vaccuum car, read
library, movies
online, dollar theater
workout, thank you cards
go thru boxes at parents
put away christmas
devotions, quiet time
play piano
write letters 2: kristin

i love peanutbutter
i love getting the mail
i still miss my 1st cat, but i love my 2nd.
i spill my drinks [coffee/ice] all the time

sermon notes...

words i like- obligatory, shish kabob

i drink the last of my drink thru my straw so quickly- it burns if it is pop and i can hardly swallow it. why? b/c i so anticipate the end of the drink where it makes the loud noise and i only get a bit of the drink. i love that noise. but almost immediately i regret drinking so much at once, as it was not enjoyable and i am sad my drink is gone. i try to get a good sip and can still enjoy the sound. a refill typically follows, but it is invariably a lesson never learned. the sound, the feeling of the 'end of my drink' will excite me and i will likely gulp too much to get it again. 1-7-5

unscathed, i've come out with bruises not scars. how do i hate what you love. you test my faith and kill my trust. i've learned persistence and consistency. but i have to let go.

i think i'm attached. and i know i fear. you are beside me yet i wonder. comfort and heal me, take control. i try to have control.

colin's dads credit card info and SSN...

another whaaaa??----
vanna dean kayaking orange blue red slippers big sport RAPIDS 1

a list of times crossed out while working [at the horrible huntington]..counting the minutes literally.

list of how much i'd payed my sisters credit card [we put our honeymoon on her no interest credit card. it was $2100, we owed $1625 when i made the list]

$60 a month in groceries
40 hounddogs
44 girl/guys night
30 eat out other
16 eat out alone
190 a month in food at most! put in folder-use only cash only!!

[this is the weirdest food budget i've ever seen. kinda embarassing! haha how and why did i come up with $44 and $16??]

several lists of paychecks and where the money was going including $160 for colin's hospital bill [he got very sick on our honeymoon and spent a night in the ER the day we came home!] $560 for rent, $92 for verizon [our phone bill is cheaper now! nice]

tofu-sausage, hot dogs
boca burgers
peanut butter
egg beaters
deli turkey, deli chicken
fruit, frozen veggies

[we eat so different now]

flabbergasted, pickle, gregarious, marsupial, horseradish, bacon, shishkabob

worcestershire, booger, corny, 'neked', 'warsh'

colin's and i scoring for a scrabble game... 20 questions game with colin


Hilary's prayer 1-2-5
you are not alone in what you see. bless my sensitivity. encourage my spiritual gifts. the separteness, he sin..what's holding me back, rebuked enemy, lies, prayed for the lord to fill the holes..replace thoughts..i am not alone..

that's most of it.. ok sorry i had too much fun reading it!! i love it! i realize it's probably not interesting to other people but i like going back in time in my little world...

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Kristin said...

sweet you were going to write me a letter! <3