Tuesday, August 21, 2007

how do i pick up from where i left off

i haven't journaled consistently for about 5 years but i have started oh....20 journals. i hope to get back into a rhythm of it, especially having a son now. i have the strong urge to record every little thing he does. so ya. he started crawling yesterday. it was pretty amazing to watch. actually every milestone and new thing he discovers is so crazy to witness. it never occured to me.. i never thouht about the feelings i would have seeing these things happen. i remember the first time he reached out to touch something, just a couple months old. it's ridiculous! you have this tiny little infant... and they grow so rapidly and learn so quickly. gah. so yesterday after weeks of frustrated army crawling backwards he finally got himself on his hands and knees and slowly and deliberately began to crawl. it seemed like he was amazed too.
well now the boy calls [cries] so i'll go tend to him.


shutterthink said...

We should keep each other accountable when it comes to writing blogs. It's the Christian thing to do, right?

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I'll agree with Beth-I'll be checking on you too!!! Yay for Saylor crawling!!!!

jenny mae. said...

yeah michelle blogs again!!