Wednesday, August 22, 2007


i'm sitting outside next to colin as he enjoys a we realized that colin's going to be in nashville all next week. we already knew that but somehow i have two days of work i'm trying to get covered and he has like 4.... so we've been on the phone calling people and stores and it' fun. but hopefully it'll all work out.
i had a nice morning seeing jenny for a bit and giving her some (michelle) glad to be able to help out. besides i can make a list a mile long of things she has given me,so sweet.
so colin and i had a semi-date since he will be leaving and we always do that before he goes.we were at easton and decided to walk around a bit and it starts pouring down rain. we get an umbrella but still have to walk a ways to our car at barnes and noble. saylor's in the stroller,the cover sun shade thing is up..(across? down? on? open? how do i say it) of course, but he is still sitting up, leaning forward. well he was enjoying the rain and of course his hands and feet and face were getting wet but whatever. it's water. and of course if he was crying we'd be holding him and shielding him but he was enjoying it.we get into barnes and noble and i'm wrapping up the umbrella and this older woman sees us and scoffs 'that's not good'. i felt like she was referring to us but i wasn't sure so i continued umbrella wrapping.she couldn't contain herself and said 'he's sopping wet!' and i was passive and not making eye contact i said 'oh, he loved it' she said 'hes going to get sick' and i said 'we are going to dry him off and he's going to be just fine' and i walked away. that may have been my first encounter with people judging my parenting! i was pretty irked and wish i had more to say and at least looked her in the eye.i understand he was wet and i know it could look 'bad' but he was totally peachy keen. and i am rather layed back about things [i.e.i'm not going to wash the paci if it drops on the floor] but that doesn't mean i don't fiercely love and protect and look out for my son. i just felt this womans evil glare and i'm sure she thought we were young ignorant/thoughtless parents. oh well. it's just water! and he was enjoying it! it was like for 2 minutes! ok i'm done.
saylor's getting the hang of crawling more and more. the thing that gets him crawling the most is colin's guitar. he's crawl across the room to touch that big black shiny guitar. then he strums it :)


shutterthink said...

Way to respond, Meesh. I am glad I was not with you...I would have loved to see Mr. Saylor Pants all wet and loving it, but a certain amt of anger and protection just welled up in me just reading about that woman...ugh. I hope you and Col had a great time singin' in the rain. Let's hang out a lot next week and talk about how much you now love Anne Lamott.

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I liked reading your story while you were telling me at the same time....silly old lady-you don't get a cold because you were wet....I'm glad Saylor liked the rain!!!

jenny mae. said...


wow. that angers me so much