Monday, August 11, 2008


awesomefest was a success! well actually i failed at it a bit but the fest itself was wonderfully pulled off. we arrived at 5:45am after only a couple hours sleep the night before [colin had a show and didn't get home until 2am]. there were 16 people doing the bike ride.i was prepared to trail behind but did not know i would wuss out and not be able to do it all! i was feeling ok, just couldn't breathe very well from stupid asthma and maybe the fact that i didn't really train at all,ahem.. we had a quick water stop about a 1/3 of the way in and i felt so dizzy and thought i was going to throw up.i definitely felt a little embarassed but there was nothing but love from people. that's when i notice the difference with our friends who know Jesus. they were so considerate of my feelings,making sure i was ok. i had to make a decision quick whether i kept riding or stopped and certainly it was awkward as they took effort to stuff my bike into the car of the water-people...then i got in the car with two people i barely knew. oh but it makes me laugh now. they rode another 10 miles and we met up with them again and i finished the last 10 miles or so! so i did about half of it and a guy looked at my bike and said 'you know you have terrible tires for this ride.' i was the only one with the thick mountain bike type tires [borrowed the bike from my mother in law, what do i know?!] he said having better tires makes a significant difference and i was working twice as hard and he hoped that made me feel better. it did. nick kept saying the real hard part of this all was watching all 6 Rocky movies. I loved them though! not gonna lie, i cried at the end of the second one 'yo adrian! i did it!' [fun trivia-adrian-talia shire- is jason schwartzman's mother! who knew? colin did]... didn't get to catch the 6th and most recent one though as we were getting tattooed. will have to rent it.

not a fan of my legs here but it's the angle, eh? yay awesomefest 2008!!! good people, good food..good silent auction, great tattoos.. good times. my hubs!!

me and aunt B being goofy

went to michigan yesterday with the guys for a show. i got to spend some QT with my sister steph and my dad and nancy.
they watched saylor while steph and i went to the show.

i think they look alike!
saylor got to spend some time with cousin leilani too, who just turned 4. it was so fun to see them together! he followed her around and did what she told him to. makes me see how a second child will be easier in that sense- you can let the two kids play together and the older one looks after the younger one.

saylor did SO well on the trip! and the guys enjoyed him as well, he was one of the boys. our only snag was colin forgetting to pack the packnplay. aagh! i was prepared to just buy one at target then return it the next day but my sister noticed a neighbor of hers had kids and she kindly asked the stranger if she had a packnplay and if so could she borrow it. and the woman named bethany said yes. how nice! steph has lived there barely a month too so i think that's very kind of bethany. i wrote her a thank-you card. and saylor slept in the packnplay, in steph's closet till a lovely 9am so we were very pleased!

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Beth said...

Couple things:
-You did not wuss out or fail. Eat it.
-Love that you call me Aunt B. It makes me laugh when you say it (not in reference to being Saylor's aunt) like I am your aunt because a different image comes to mind...older, fatter. And I will have you know that I got CARDED at a movie the other day. Carded! And it was not because of my credit card--I paid with cash.
-Your dad and Saylor Pants DO look alike! The furrowed brow, please!
-So great that you wrote her a thank you card.