Thursday, August 21, 2008


Snowville Creamery now has their milk at whole foods! I have been driving to giant eagle solely for this milk that I discovered a few months ago. I think it is the best milk that can be bought at a store. come to find out colin's bro jared has been buying it too and from whole foods.yaaay! i didn't realize it was there now too.i just wrote them an e-mail telling them how grateful i am for their milk. is that weird? quite possibly.
saylor has started sleeping in till 9:15 or so again, and before he was just waking up around 8:15-8:45.we still put him down around 7. i love that he loves to sleep! i am at my mom's house right now and he and emily are actually playing...and, holding my breath- getting along. they had a fight a few minutes ago where emily grabbed his paci and he retaliated [maybe the first time he's defended himself?] and threw a block at her head. no saylor! all is well for the moment.
at the park the other day-saylor is loving basketball lately.

right now

the other night at church. saylor is the cool kid that gets to get on stage and play drums just like his daddy and grandude. and he runs right up there as soon as i get him from sunday school. [nursery? sunday school? at what age do i start saying sunday school? haha]
amusing tidbit- my in-laws are in brazil at the moment and colin and i have stayed at their house a couple times cuz... well if you've been there, you know. its like a vacation house. so.... i leafed through judy's closet and have been wearing her clothes! whaddya know, her jeans fit me perfectly.. i've been enjoying telling people 'this is my mother-in-law's outfit'. she's got some cute clothes!


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

I let a big ol' laugh out when I read that he threw a block at her head-is that mean of me?? I'm sure she deserved it actually :) What cute pictures!! She's wearing that same yellow outfit as the picture and we're going to see you again-It's actually the only 2 times that she's worn've just happened to see it both times....I swear!

saylor days said...

sarah she's wearing the same outfit because it's still the same day dork.not that i care i mean seriously. i'm gonna let it slide because you worked nights this week....

Beth said...

Oh, I just laughed out loud at the banter. Love you two.

Kristin said...

NO It's not weird at ALL to e-mail the farmers! I'm sure they loooovvvee the encouragement and appreciation. :) :) :) YAY milk!

I LOVE the picture of saylor and emily holding hands. :)

clarekin said...

Thanks for the heads up on the milk. They were actually handing out samples at Whole Foods today and so I tasted some--what a difference from super-market milk. YUM!