Friday, August 1, 2008

me in 2004

I found my livejournal from 4 years ago.. good times, i'll post a couple stories. [feel free to note how young i sound. or do i sound exactly the same?! perhaps. it's definitely more random stream of thought-just for myself journaling] also i should definitely post some of my journal entries from when i was 10 or so cuz those...those are hilarious.

columbus [18 May 2004|10:43am]
...-made some serious creme brulee this that's about it. oh last night ok well amy called me whilst i was ordering my chipotle so i said 'let me call you back' then we strolled over to stauf's and i went to the bathroom [por supuesto siempre] and thought it a good time to call amy back and i was like 'sorry i was getting my burr-' and i stood up off the toilet and SOMEHOW someway i managed to-like the top part of the toilet, the LID the huge cover over the septic stuff... managed to come OFF [i THINK from my huge purse i had on my shoulder?!?] and CRASH louder than anything breaking into pieces everywhere. we're talking SMASH CRASH hurt your ears, i was hyperventalating. so it went "sorry i was getting my burr-CRAAAAASSH SMAAAASH CCCRAHRARLKAHRALRH aaaaaagghh! ok i gotta go again i just broke the toilet!' oh man was it funny.everyone in staufs was like ohmygosh what happened!? i was like shaking but it was quite hilarious. luckily we love staufs and they-well at least like us anyway.glad it wasnt like at an aquatainances [sp] HOUSE where it would have to come out of their--MY pocket.sigh good times!
aight going to class :)

i love flip-flops and trapeze artists [11 Apr 2004|10:49pm]
once i at about 1am, i was driving home and i swear i saw this huge box turtle. seeing that i a have a close bond with turtles now [2 on my back now]... i drove another mile or 2 and then HAD to turn around to...resuce it or admire it or whatever. nevermind that it would not make sense for a huge turtle to be there. anyhow i drive back, and no, it's not a turtle, it's a mangled coon carcass!!!!! how the heck did i see a box turtle, i just don't know.....

back to now we have a fun weekend full of festivities ahead. tonight we are going to a birthday dinner and we have a baby-sitter and i think... yes this is the FIRST time we will be paying someone to watch saylor! that speaks a blessing that our parents are available so often to watch him plus friends who refuse to be paid. SO i'm praying it all goes well as yesterday saylor was having meltdowns/tantrums left and right where i just wanted to scream and punch the wall.... but today he is happy as a clam laughing at everything so..... it's a tough age i had a friend who has a three year old tell me yesterday that the hardest age so far for her was 18 months-2 years and that made me feel better. it's just learning how to be patient and consistent when they start whining/crying/hitting,etc. seriously patience... and consistency. whew. but i am sure he will be fine tonight he always does well with people....

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Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

You are hysterical!!! How on earth did you break the toilet? And how is it that I don't ever recall hearing that story until now?? Hope you guys have fun tonight!!! Yay for babysitters!