Thursday, August 7, 2008

blueberry picking

we drove about a half hour to do some serious blueberry picking! it was so much fun. very relaxing... ok well it was hot and saylor got restless so i was a little spastic racing around grabbing bluberries left and right while of course colin would patiently stay at one tree steadily picking away. if you got at least 8 pounds then 2 of those pounds would be free! that was our goal and get this; we get our two buckets weighed and they were 3.38 and 4.62lbs. perfect! for a total of $17 -which again was weird i happened to have $6 on me and colin only had $11.... funny math irony, Lord,thanks!


toward the end saylor just sat at a park bench for awhile and played as we picked close by. then colin found this!

it was pretty cool. i just looked up what it could be and found this site
what's that bug. now i loathe/fear spiders like nothing else but i can handle these cool caterpillars.i scrolled down and bit and found two different pictures of our creature, he's called the cecropia moth caterpillar. little nature lesson for ya there...
8lbs of blueberries! and i opened a bag to wash some for saylor and saw a spider in there and freaked out and had colin get rid of it. now i am pretty grossed out but trying to get over it. i know it's normal and no big deal but again...arachnaphobic, no lie.

another best friend of mine kristin decided to have her baby early last night. very early, she was 27 weeks pregnant! praise the lord, baby and mommy [and daddy] are doing a-ok as of now. prayers are coveted for kristin, daniel and baby ezekiel solace pike. he is just over 2lbs and his name means God gives strength, and comfort in times of distress-they are holding tight to that meaning and feel peace and joy right now. pray for the road ahead! she is in texas and i wish i could just run and sit with her at the hospital but they have a fantastic church/support system so i know she will be taken care of!


jenny mae. said...

im so glad you had a good time blueberry picking and OMG kristin!

Kristin said...

I love your blueberry experience. :)

There are pictures of Ezie on my blog now!!