Wednesday, August 6, 2008

'there is a sale at the sunglasses shoppe'

remember mall madness? so many memories with that game.
last night colin and i watched who killed the electric car? it was so good!! well good meaning quite frustrating and sad. highly recommend watching it. on the flip side i am struggling through 'the shack'. everyone keeps yaaapping about how fantastic it is, why am i not seeing the light here? [perhaps it's like me and lord of the rings]. i read a few pages, set it down and forget about it then another person starts telling me how amazing it is. so i pick it back up and continue on....i keep assuming i'm suddenly going to be totally enraptured by it... but that hasn't happened yet and i'm halfway through. but i'll keep trucking on cuz i know i'm going to run into someone else who's going to tell me how great it is.
a couple pictures from the baxter cookout. i think it was my first experience of saylor and a fenced in backyard. BLISS! he just roamed around and i did not have to stare at him %100 of the time! i can't describe how freeing this felt.
saylor is falling in love with cornhole, just like his mommy

two of my favorite little boys auggie and caiden

colin and i made ourselves some good food last night- margaritas [no mix! real, fresh ingredients. YUM] and some tasty sandwiches. and i cooked up my turnips. turnips are delicious people!

smushing his nose on a dish, i love this picture!!

saylor trying on some sunglasses at the store, and wearing mine at home
those lips!


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

OOOOooo long line....try again later!

Lindsay Schneck said...

i just checked out the fall tour sched & decided we should live together for the entire month of oct. we could spend 1/2 the time in nash & 1/2 the time up