Wednesday, July 30, 2008

well at least it's nice out

the internet has disappeared from our kitchen. but i have found a spot outside and so i sit here on our back addition to losing the kitchen hot spot this week i've also lost an earring and my fun! oh man i just realized i can't really plug this guy in anywhere.....
i tried to fancy up my blog a bit and ended up screwing it up a bunch. i don't know how to copy/paste my page elements?! i will keep playing around and someday it will not be so gray. although nothin' wrong with gray. or grey.
i'm going to visit camp sychar again today. camp sychar is really hard to explain. it is a methodist church camp in mt.vernon my friends and i started going to at age 12, and we still visit every year. it has a similar feel as lakeside-there are many cabins and it is for all ages- services everyday for young adults and also adults and programs for young children.. it's funny because when we went the camp cost only $50 for 10 days and this was our schedule-
7:15am-out the door for a morning prayer service
8:00 breakfast
9:30 morning service
11:00 make sure your room is clean to standards
12:00 lunch
1:00 prayer bell-stop everything and pray for a few minutes
4:00 choir practice
5:00 dinner
7:00 evening service
10:00 devotions
NOT to forget after meals we had to do dishes or clear tables! and between lunch and choir we had required activities such as visiting the local nursing home. we laugh about it, but our hearts are so tied to it... my friend kristin met her husband there and they actually got married there too...and the pancakes...oh the pancakes and the oatmeal....
of course how can one convince colin to come with me? he has come i think once when we were dating. but he is coming with me today darnit... saylor has been there every year of his life [pregnant,last year and this year] and i plan to do that with all of my children. it may not make sense for people who have never been there. but i go to camp and see friends i've known for over 10 years there with their spouses and kids as well... it is another home to me. yay! i sounds completely ridiculous but i know a few of you get it. :)


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

So did you have fun at Sychar??? Yeah, so do you remember that Crystal and I were rebels there and snuck out, TP'd the bell......

the layonut I chose was on bloggers page, I didn't do anything special...sorry, can't help ya there!

meridith said...

i have a place like that, wish i could go back for reunions every year! so many memories.

saylor days said...

it was nice being there, colin still did not see the wonder that it is but was a good sport. you win some you lose some. oh we were rebels too we were threatened to be kicked out more than once. nothing but fun. i'll keep playing with the blog...
aw mer you feel me-i totally checked out your rockridge.

Anonymous said...

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