Monday, July 7, 2008


ok my 4th and 5th favorite things are books and then blankets.
friday we enjoyed some time at my sister's new house and the 2nd annual july 4th cookout at the snows.This year saylor was old enough to walk around the pool, dangerously close to the edge...and refuse to go to sleep at their house,which was frustrating. he used to sleep anywhere and everywhere and in the past month he has decided grandparents and home are the only places he wants to sleep. i think part of it is wanting to be a part of the party too, he doesn't want to sleep when everyone else is still downstairs playing.oh, cha-cha-cha-changes. so colin and i went home and put him to bed for an hour.we then woke him up and drove a mile to watch fireworks with my family. we put him in a stroller and he laid there half awake and slowly woke up and looked around, very amused. and he loooved the fireworks! he was totally in awe.
saturday colin and i had a date.we went to gallery hop downtown where we enjoyed two new things we've been wanting to try.first, jeni's ice cream. truly superb, truly lives up to all the talk about it.i will be there again soon,jeni. second, we rode in a pedicab!
actually, the guy in the last picture in that article was our was dark,the weather was great,fireworks were going was fun.
yesterday colin and i hit up kroger and my reciept had printed at the bottom my total kroger plus card savings to date.i've had a kroger plus card for six or seven years. my total savings? it said $34,316.38. WOW! i was in awe. colin did not believe it but i was like, no, it's true. somehow it's true. later that night amber and i were back at kroger picking up some ice cream [of course]. my receipt this time said my total savings to date was $236....oooh. i must have had someone else's receipt.sure enough i get home and check the $34,000 receipt and it's for a single purchase of reese's nuts. [i don't even know what those are].and suddenly instead of believing i've spent what, a million dollars at kroger...i suddenly am shocked that someone has ever spent that much money there to equate that savings.and then they just buy some reese's nuts? and i love how quickly i took something at face value, as ludicrous as it was.
also i printed out 250 pictures from my phone yesterday.about 240 of them were of saylor. i need to start taking pictures of our friends again!!!


jenny mae. said...

off topic but i thought you might want to pass it along to you huz that totally unprompted augustine has named his cabbage patch doll Colin

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

you wrote a lot for just a few minutes!

Kristin said...

I can hear you in my head trying to convince colin that you've saved $34,000. "no, colin, really. Look, it says right here!" That brief illusion must have thrilled your frugal heart. I love you!