Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hot spot

we found a little spot in our kitchen that picks up internet hooray.
this weekend i went to lakeside with my family-my aunt and uncle had a party to celebrate their 40 year anniversary. i was planning on going to a show with the guys and at the last minute changed my mind. saylor threw up a couple more times so i was weary of taking him on a longer trip...plus i really wanted to see family that i have not seen in ages [they live in california]. i LOVE lakeside i don't even know what it is but there is something special about it. honestly it was stressful,not having my husband there to help with saylor. [funny enough i was at lakeside last year, exact same time... with colin's family and again he wasn't there] we went to put-in-bay on saturday morning, which is a short ferry ride from lakeside. i thought saylor would love being on a boat [his name is saylor after all,right?] but he was tired and therefore restless and not very cooperative.this is a calm moment on the ride when he was looking out the window

and this is me,exhausted,undone,pretending not to be as stressed as i am, holding my boy so he doesn't run around and fall off the boat. he holds his ear when he is tired,so we have some doubly tired action going on here.

it was so stinkin' hot and humid so that added to the stress. saylor has always been such a good baby so this stage has been challenging. he is still a great boy but this age in general is hard-they are constantly on the go and they can't communicate their needs and frustrations as well. we are hoping to go to lakeside next year for a week or so and we think saylor and emily will be a little easier to handle then.they can play more independantly. though sleeping in a bed and potty training are so daunting to me aaaaagh! i know you grow with them and figure it out as you go. my mom said 'oh he's the first waffle.. you know something like you always burn the first waffle...waffle or pancake' i tell her i think it's pancake. and that that's funny advice to apply to children. but i get it, and i love the word 'pancake' so at least it made me laugh.
here's him playing with rocks at the party.its the thing that kept him occupied the longest so i let him have at it

but stress melts quickly at lakeside.i took say for a long walk sunday morning [oh so early the boy woke at 6am gaaah] and we had brunch with everyone before we left. i know he had fun and truly overall he and emily behaved really great. only sad that i didn't get a chance to play shuffleboard [i don't know how much of a dork i sound like...but yes. i love crossword puzzles, scrabble.... and shuffleboard. and ya, saturday night i sat on the porch of the bed and breakfast and read reader's digest and ladies home journal.] so next year shuffleboard, i'm coming to you.
the internet is coming and going as it pleases no fun.
here is a picture that made me laugh for the whole day yesterday. my friend julie's dog-the same dog that had his head stuck in a chipotle bag....

just hanging out. she said he just sat there for 20 minutes while they laughed till they cried and took a bunch of pictures.i love it!
also we saw batman last night. the batman. the characters in the movie always referred to him as 'the batman'. i think i would just say 'batman'. i always thought it was so weird that beauty had nothing to call the beast except beast.when he was falling off the castle and she was scared she cries 'beast!' did he even have a name!?


meridith said...

where is lakeside? it sounds neat!

saylor days said...

it's about 2 and a half hours away..ok wait i'm gonna copy and paste.
Lakeside is located on the Marblehead Peninsula, halfway between Toledo & Cleveland. It is situated in the heart of the Lake Erie Vacationland area. There are many attractions and historical sites within a short driving distance of Lakeside.
I think it'd be so fun for a big group of us to rent out a house or two for a week!!!

jenny mae. said...

we have family friends who are letting us use their place up at the lake sometime this summer for free. STOKED!