Saturday, July 26, 2008

blog schm...log

i've been messing around with this blog and had to stop cuz...who am i kidding. i am indecisive, i am not a visual person and i'm a people pleaser. three things which do not add up- oh let's add a fourth. i'm not computer savvy in the least. and i have a 'who cares' attitude or a laissez faire/c'est la vie casualness if that makes it sound any better. all i'm saying is feel free to makeover my blog if you so desire. [ahem sarah]. i am done playing around but yet i'd like something else done with it..
kelton is doing great! he is nursing well and looking wonderful. i think they are just waiting for his temperature to remain stable on it's own and for feedings to be exclusively through julie then he will be ready to go home. being so close to her and her family and watching this all happen.... is making me and colin crave another baby big time. we still are going to wait awhile longer. but we are a notch closer to 'ah let's do it!" colin more so than me actually.
last night was a night surrounded by so many people i love. there was a good-bye party for a family who is moving to amsterdam for 5 or so years for a church plant.i just love our friends like i can't even explain.i didn't stay late as the days of putting saylor to sleep wherever have started to fade. i just let him stay up a little late-by late i mean 8:15. probably could have stayed a little longer if colin was with us but he was doing a photo shoot for house of heroes-he had this idea and it involved a homeless man. i kept telling him he can't use a real homeless person. they would either be too out of it/crazy to understand or maybe hurt you. or if they are coherent enough it just seems sad or rude to use a person because they fit that stereotype... and they'd have to have him sign a waiver or whatnot. plus we have plenty of scruffy/bearded/homely looking friends we could use! but colin insisted and then actually prayed they would find the perfect hobo. and sure enough as soon as they start looking they pass our friends nate and meredith and nate points right to a guy that fit exactly what colin had in mind. he was slightly out of it but aware enough to be super cooperative and was happy to do it [they paid him of course]. nick took the pictures so i'm looking forward to seeing how they turned out. and the homeless man's name was rambo.
here is saylor playing whilst i type


meridith said...

what can i say? my man has a good eye. haha :) it was fun to run into them last night and very cool to see how the shots turned out on nick's flickr today. it looks awesome.

Lindsay Schneck said...

jon mentioned the other day that he would be ready to for us to get pregnant again whenever. i almost choked. by "us" he meant "me."

about the blog layouts...go to to get free ones. they are cuter than other pre-mades and, more importantly, they are FREE!!!