Thursday, July 17, 2008

puke and b-words

saylor says b-words great. bath,bite,back,ball,book,bible,baabaa..still no mommy but he is doing his best and calling me bobby.when prompted.oh it's funny.
yesterday he threw up three times! he woke up talking and laughing and i walk in there and theres puke everywhere.he seemed fine but a couple hours later it happened again.then he woke up from a nap throwing up and i picked him up and he kept going and i'm grabbing wipes trying to catch it and the look in his eyes was so pitiful. lots of laundry yesterday! but after that he was just ducky though went to bed for the night at 6:30 he was so's him wrapped in a towel, no point in putting clothes on when he may spew on them.

on tuesday saylor and i went to sharon woods with jenny and olive. we sat on the bench for's nice to have something tangible as a reminder of her.

i love,love what's written there,it's perfect.i felt she was there with us,and i say that as vulnerably as possible.
also this has been fun,bike riding with our boy in tow.

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jenny mae. said...

im thinking of heading over to su casa tomorrow while aug is at gymnastics camp. i have to be back early for "show and tell". but since you don't have the internet you might not even see this so i shall call instead.