Thursday, March 5, 2009

the cats on my lap

purring machine...too bad we are probably going to give her away. would anyone like a cat named munki? she is awesome. but the house we are moving into prefers no pets... and i'm allergic... plus she is hardly getting the attention she deserves anymore [you swear your devotion to your pet won't change with children...but it does :(... ] we will be having jared and his awesome cat leonidas living with us for a few months which will be cool because leonidas is fat and funny, good combo. the house is a go! we move in end of march. i kept trying not to buy groceries so we could eat what we have in our cupboards but it's getting bad so we are making one more trip to t-joe's today...
i am reading a pretty interesting book called '23 minutes in hell' by bill wiese. colin's mom owns it and lent it to me... i was skeptical when i started it- the guy said he woke up in the middle of the night and the lord put him in hell- for 23 minutes. it sounds crazy but i believe it now. the guy is completely sincere and the lord has used his story in a great way. it's not a all a scare tactic and glorifying hell- it's definitely more about jesus loving us and wanting to rescue us from hell. i struggle with accepting the lord's love and fully trusting him so the idea of eternal damnation feeds into that- but it's finally clicking with me that the lord loves us and desperately wants us to be saved and NOT to go to hell. not like i pictured him happy about people going to hell... but ya know. my question is can't God destroy satan and his dominion? i think when jesus returns he will destroy satan but isn't he thrown into a...lake of fire or something? so will all people remain in hell then? i think, if God is all powerful and can defeat satan, why does he let this evil remain- for eternity? i'll see what the rest of the book says and obviously i'm sure i could read the bible and more books for answers...just thinking.
we have some close friends/family going through some rough patches right now. not to mention the crazy anxiety period i went through as well.... it's been hard, there aren't even answers to the problems that are being faced. but i've been grateful to have jesus and i've been learning how to trust him and lean into him. and that's been good. but if anyone feels like praying for our friends... even with names and situations unknown i believe the lord will hear your prayer. thank you! and now... cat pictures. sorry if you hate cats.
munki in all her glory

and a few of king leonidas..he has more pictures taken of him now because he is loved more than munki right now.

just playin'a little x-box

and my personal favorite... the sink one


Sarah said...

Your title was a bit deceptive. Some deep stuff in this blog for a title about a cat...haha. That book sounds interesting. Maybe I'll add it to my list of 20 other books I need to read!

Kristin said...

The picture of kind leonidas in the sink makes me want a cat. And I didn't know you were allergic!? Hence all the sudafed growing up, maybe??

I'm sorry about your anxiety issues as of late. I'm sorry I didn't call you on your birthday. I did remember... I miss you!

Kristin said...

oops king not kind. Hmmm.