Friday, March 13, 2009

dentistry and origami

our good parents and lovely dental hygienist friend are always telling us to go to the dentist. and we always shrugged it off. no one else goes! i brush my teeth aaalll the time! i'm always drinking water. i don't think soda....or eat like.. carmel. but since i've been to 70 different doctors as of late i'd figure i'd tack on ye olde dentist as well. perhaps they'd have insight on my dizziness? well she couldn't say much about that but she did tell me i had about 75 cavities. how embarrassing! i don't even want to admit the real number! i made colin swear not to tell anybody but then i of course told everyone cuz as horrible as it is, it's pretty funny too. although here on my blog i'm just going to say 75. let it be known that the number is not far off from that. cringe!
fortunately we really enjoy our new dentist [colin had 3 cavities] so the hours i spent there were well spent. as in me laughing as she's giving me a filling and wanting so bad to contribute to their conversation but my mouth was open. my mouth has been so numb and disfigured this week. i don't numb very easily [perhaps that's why the epidural didn't work!??!] so after they figured that out they gave me some double dose extra strength stuff that left me crazy numb and sore all day. so that's been a trip. dentist, CHECK! all done. go to the dentist people!! so glad they filled my cavities while most of them were still very small.
monday night i went to a craft night some of my girlfriends have every week. i may be the least artistic of all my friends.... but i try. a few people were knitting, a couple were figuring out how to make a skirt, and a few of us were making origami. one of our friend's husband works at honda so he travels to japan occasionally- we had the real deal origami paper. that did not help me. they had figured it out and were popping out all these cute hearts and dresses and cranes... one girl had even made a nativity set of origami... here is one of mine.
what the camel was supposed to look like.

my camel

oh we were laughing so hard we were crying. i also made a retarded swan and a tulip that looks half way decent until you realize what it's really supposed to look like. all in all... it was awesome and i want to try again!!
saylor pointed to my camel and said 'goat!...uh doggy!!...uh...shirt' good guess bud...i'd say yes for all of the above.


Lindsay Schneck said...

i'm totally voting for shirt too saylor

Daniel, Kristin & Ezekiel said...

You're scaring me with your dentist tale... i haven't been in 5 years! Oh no...

I love the idea of craft night!!!! MMM I think I may have to do that!

Sarah said...

Oh yes, I recently learned the hard way that you should continue to go to the dentist even when you don't live with your parent any more. I'm thinking the origami looks like an eagle.

Maggie the Librarian said...

I love your camel.

When I returned to the dentist after a 7 year hiatus, I had 13 cavities. Now I'm all caught up but my teeth are hurting again -- the baby must be sucking away at my calcium, I think.

Happy Hippie said...

Yikes!Not to brag, but I've never had a cavity. However, I have a tolerance to anesthesia too!! My sister the nurse told me to make sure I tell whoever is numbing me, for whatever procedure, that I don't numb easily and that would most likely help. Sure enough, I had a mole removed, I made sure to tell them about my plight, and voila! No pain!! Let's just say I have had TOO many procedures with barely any pain killer due to my silly biology. I was ever so thankful for a painfree procedure!Next time you do anything anesthesia related tell them and they will make sure you are numbed the first time!!
Hope your mouth is feeling better!

Jaz said...

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