Monday, March 30, 2009

saylor words and tangent

bah-blank - blanket
plop-plop- lollipop
wah-woh- water
oh-gurk- yogurt
bah-bleehy- blueberry
ah-sauce- applesauce
bah-bucks- starbucks
woh-rop- robot
ah-callo- avacado
pyeeah-yo- piano
tah-taw- guitar
mah-monce- monsters
leh-yo- yellow
leh-lo- little
assy-boo- pacifier. although i just asked him to say pacifier and he said it perfectly. assy-booh is his 'nickname' for it.
anything that ends with an M or an N he adds a T to it. he always says 'come on!' but it sounds like 'come ont!' colin and i started saying it that way too, naturally.
he doesn't use the letter S if it is the first letter. so 'skip' is gip. [he always wants us to skip 'scary' parts in movies like monsters, inc.]. snow is no,scoop is goop, and smoke is moke. [from all those cigars he sees all the men in his life smoking]
he's taking longer to learn how to talk than some of our friends kids but he's quickly catching up. and he certainly is smart- knows all his letters [many of them in sign language as well]. he understands everything said to him, of course. and he is using 3-4 word sentences now. i LOVE IT! i've always loved talking to little kids because they say the most random things. i can't wait to do that with saylor. right now if you ask him a question he just answers with 'huh' or thinks about it and gives a one word answer, like 'what did you and daddy do today?' he will think then say 'play' and smiles coyly.
he's loving our new house for the most part. when we leave to go somewhere he keeps saying he wants to go back to the house. and he's been sleeping/napping perfectly. in the morning he's been a little unsure... ok he's been throwing huge fits. i think he doesn't want to be in a room by himself! he's used to being in very close quarters with us. so if i need to go in the kitchen real quick he's whining and following me. and he just doesn't know what he wants to do so he starts crying and saying a bunch of different things 'aaah, outside!... aah, play. pretzels! socks on!' but as i write he's running in circles and he told me he's happy. just takes him a little bit in the morning. hopefully this doesn't last long. he never really throws fits and i don't know how to respond! we usually completely ignore him and he stops fairly quickly knowing he won't get a reaction. but with the big fits they just don't stop. i don't want to threaten without following through.... tantrums are really fun if you are at, say, target. this happened last night. fortunately colin was with me but we got several lovely 'looks'. i know colin and i don't look like the typical 'mom and dad' too so that makes people's looks more condescending. although when saylor's hamming it up and charming it makes people smile even bigger-maybe they are surprised we are parenting...
we are settled in our new house and enjoying it. so grateful so all the people that helped us.


Daniel, Kristin & Ezekiel said...

You're in your house!! I want to come curl up on your couch with a cup of coffee and talk to you. I want the kiddos to play together! I miss you! I don't know why I haven't called you lately. I will do that soon. :) Hugs and kisses!

meridith said...

so cute! i want to see pics of your new place! not that i ever saw your old place...hahaha.

meridith said...

however i have seen it in my dreams!

Electroluminescence. said...

that is fabulous! congratulations on the new house.... i hope you're loving it to the max!
i love Saylor stories.
sooooo precious!! :]