Sunday, March 8, 2009

lotsa pictures

on saturday we spent the afternoon with colin's cousin and their 3 little kids. they have two boys that are less than a year apart and they have been giving us boxes of clothes after their boys outgrow them [the boys will be 4 and 5 this year]. we are so grateful for the clothes! between that, clothes bought and given to us from friends and family and all the awesome clothes we've been borrowing from auggie we've rarely had to buy anything! i mean really i think i've bought less than 10 clothing items for saylor. that's amazing!
the boys played so well together! saylor had a blast. their kids are so well behaved too. colin's cousin bobby was in iraq for a couple years and his wife raised two toddler boys by herself for awhile. and then got pregnant with their 3rd, and they were living on a 3rd floor apartment! that's always amazing to me. two toddlers and pregnant... alone. 3rd floor. can you imagine grocery shopping? KUDOS katelynn. the boys were similar to colin and jared when they were younger - the older one [colin] being a ham and vying for attention while the younger one is quieter is ok not being in the spotlight like jared was. so cute.

we walked to a candy store, ryan enjoyed making saylor laugh hysterically

seriously there were 4 little kids running around and it was so peaceful. they all played so well!... saylor was of course worn on out the ride home. if i don't have a blankie for him i let him snuggle with my scarf or cardigan.

random-colin and i saw a license plate on the drive that said mncoon. i'm easily amused and license plates easily distract me... this one made us laugh, all we could come up with was MANCOON. we looked at the driver and concluded, yah, that's a mancoon if you ever saw one. I GUESS...?!
and a couple more pics of saylor-
hanging out at our hangout spot. starbucks

saylor can't be in the sanctuary at church without being on the stage for a bit, usually at the drums [like father...]. i grew up in a smaller church where everyone knew each other and i value that. so i really am grateful that though our church has something like 8000 members, our circle of friends contains like half of the staff at vineyard- so it makes it feel smaller or more intimate for us. so saylor runs up to the stage today and loves on jeff then played on the keys for a bit..


Colin Rigsby said...

Definitely a Mancoon.

jenny mae. said...

could it mean maine coon? like the enormous cat?

Electroluminescence. said...

MANCOON! HAHAHAH. i am totally picturing a man with a raccoon head... or even a raccoon, with a man's head... which would probably be even scarier to see driving down the road.
actually, i'm not sure which one is really creepier.

Saylor is so precious! love the photo of him laughing!

p.s. King Leonidas is amazingggg... my kittens totally play in my sinks and shower... i've never, ever heard of any other cats that actually LIKE water and don't mind getting their fur wet?!

Heather Evans said...

Okay the one of Saylor sitting at the table with his little animal toy in his hand with his cute little jacket totally looks like Colin!!! :)