Wednesday, February 25, 2009


well the parking ticket people were not amused by my plea. they said suck it up you still have to pay. this is unusual for me i am stupidly good at getting out of owed money..or getting things for free, or getting stuff for less money. i think part of my aggressiveness comes from working in collections for victoria's secret for awhile. got pretty good at being authoritative on the phone. funny because in general i don't like to talk on the phone that much. [except with colin. and family].
we found a house! thank you lord. we wanted to stay in w-ville and we were wanting at least 3 bedrooms....and we had a price limit/we wanted to rent. we've been searching for a couple months now and a friend found this place for us. it's even closer to my mom's house so that's kinda funny but i like it [for baby-sitting purposes at the very least!]. we are now about a 5 minute walk to my parents, a 30 second drive....
it has a huge yard, and huge bedrooms... it's owned and rented out by this church which is kinda sweet. colin's played shows at the church before- and i even went to VBS [vacation bible school!] there growing up. anyone else do vacation bible school? i loved it. that being said, it's a cool church and i had prayed for a cool landlord and here the lord gives us a church as landlords. i think that is funny. we are 95% sure we are moving there so if it somehow doesn't work out just ignore all this.... assuming it does work we may also have our brother jared live with us until he gets married [in august]. which i think could be a good situation all around....
pictures from teena's wedding...i keep saying i want to start taking more pictures and then i don't. so i just borrow pictures from friends.... only one random picture of the bride, but i loved her dress! maybe i'll find some more pics of her. very happy for them. some of my treasured BFF's- amber, heather and carriane.

and a couple of saylor
his newfound love for vegetables- particularly tomatoes and avocados

and this is him at starbucks, he was having a REALLY good hair day. couldn't fully capture it on camera of course... but it made me want to cut off all my hair.. [i'm trying to grow my hair out..sometimes i miss super short hair]


Kristin said...

Ummmm I'm totally picturing the house on college ave close to ccc... So if you're headed to your moms from ccc and you turn left on that road to get into the neighborhood, is it the house on the right?? with the giant yard?? across from the vbs church?? How awesome!! AND I didn't know Jared is getting married. That's exciting! I love you! You need to put up pics of your new place!

saylor days said...

yah kristin the white house, big yard! so funny geoff could totally picture it too.. yet my parents and sarah could not. that's funny. we will definitely post pics!

Electroluminescence. said...

thank YOU for your sweet comment.
it brightened my night!

Just so you don't think i'm a random, lurking stranger.... I know Colin, Timmy Skipper, & Jared... and I actually met you once in Virginia Beach a few years ago when you were on the road with the HOH lads! :]

LOVE your photos... you're a doll & I can't even believe how handsome Saylor is. he looks so grown up and happy!!!

p.s. congratulations on the house! [if you do end up moving there!] that's exciting!! and i'm pumped for Jared... Noemi & I are internetland friends and i'm pretty thrilled that they're getting married.
you're all marvelous people! haha!

Happy Hippie said...

If it's the place I'm thinkin' of, you will be mere seconds from our house too!! Congrats! (not on moving closer to us, but on the house ;) )
BTW, the wedding pictures of you and your girls are so precious. I am loving your hair! How did you do that? I cannot do updo's on myself, at all!
What can I say about Saylor, super cutie cute, as always! :)
I bet you can have a garden at your new place! That would be so cool! Saylor can grow all the tomatos he wants!

Electroluminescence. said...

HAHAH! you are beyond amazing.
that comment just made my night.
no worries about TMI's! you're hilarious.

don't ask me how i remember this... but i'm pretty sure that the Virginia Beach show was March 9th, 2006... [i'm just good with names, faces, places, and dates & have the weirdest memory of life. i remember the most random things ever.]

I JUST loooked through some ancient photos that i have saved on photobucket and found this ADORABLE photo of you & Colin on the beach from that day:

[let me know if it didn't show up]
a local photographer sent me some of the photos after that show & this was one of them! i didn't take it!
but it's precious!

p.s. thank you SO much for taking time to look at my photos! i appreciate it more than you know! tell Colin i said thanks too.
p.p.s. the one that Colin likes, the octopus tentacles are from this statue at the beach:

the concludes the end of my random ramblings.
forgive me. i don't know when to shut up. :]

Electroluminescence. said...
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Electroluminescence. said...

YES! hahaha. you are so freaking funny!
well. now you know the EXACT date, just in case it ever comes up. hilarious that you had to talk to me to find that out.

Okay... everything is making so much more sense now... YES, it was Daniel... I don't know him... I think we were friends on Flickr... and I saw his photos, he said I could steal them since I was at the show and THAT'S why I have random photos of you & Colin walking on the beach together even though I wasn't there. HA! I'm veryyy glad you were on the road with them too. :]

Saylor Dorian is pretty much the coolest name ever.

p.s. you have magnanimous musical taste.
i saw on your profile that you love The Beatles, U2, Coldplay, Muse, & Radiohead. THE BEST.