Monday, February 2, 2009

random stories

well ok i didn't want to be one of those mom's who always bought something for their child at starbucks. that's ridiculous. [like when i see people buying peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at panera for their children. are you kidding? i pack pb&j for him all the time. PACK it people!] BUT. seeing as that we are at starbucks all the time and often get our drinks free or discounted... saylor is getting quite use to his little horizon's chocolate milk. now when we drive past starbucks he goes 'milk!' or 'starbucks!' and as soon as we walk in he runs right up and grabs a milk. i'm not even drinking coffee right now so water and milk it is... alright. i'm building this up too much but ok. i was in the bath with saylor the other day and we've talked about how he used to nurse and the details of all that. so he looks at me-there- and says 'milk!' i say 'yep!' he says 'starbucks!' and i laugh. he's just putting two thoughts together and it's kinda sad that he associates milk mostly with starbucks but i love that because of our routine his mind looked at my chest and thought of starbucks.
and random story number two. we went to a superbowl/poker party last night, lovely time as always with our amigos...we pulled into our friend's court to park and colin decides to park on top of this huge snow pile.. i'm thinking ah this isn't going to work and ufmpprffuh he managed to get our car...stuck. we couldn't move forward or reverse even with colin pushing. so we left it to deal with when we left... so we are saying our goodbyes, tv still on and i casually say 'alright see you guys and if anyone wants to come out with us our car is totally stuck, that'd be sweet' i nonchalantly threw it out there to no one in particular and like 5 guys follow us outside. and after a few minutes of no success another 5 guys appear. salt appears and some wood boards and after alot of pushing and some shoveling we get it.--- i am a people pleaser, i apologize all the time, i don't like asking people to do anything for me so i instinctively wanted to apologize a bunch but i realized first of all that our friends are awesome and we'd do the same for them, no one thinks twice about it. also i quickly noticed that the guys were loving it. i think we even boosted their ego ya know, made them feel more masculine. it was sweet.


Happy Hippie said...

Oh my gosh that was a cute Saylor story! I hope my baby says that to me one day, and i won't be far off because I drink alot of starbucks! I met your friend Amber @Trev's gig the other night. Great gal. We bonded over our love of Saylor and you. I see I have to keep my eye on Amber she might try to steal Saylor before I can! AND she said she recieved kisses from him the other day!*jealous* I can't wait until you and Colin have more sweet cheeked super cuties!

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

How hysterical of Saylor!!! I love it!! And I love that your friends are the best. Did you take pictures of all the testosterone building escapades?? Glad they got your car unstuck :)