Friday, January 23, 2009

i should learn at the library

a car seat should be designed to easily come apart so the mother can wash it. is that too much to ask?
it's hot outside! almost 40 degrees or something, i'm coatless, heat off and even windows down in the car.... ella's parents got to go to D.C. for the big obama celebration so i had a few days off. saylor and i visited starbucks a few times [he goes straight for the horizon chocolate milk] and on wednesday i decided to take him to storytime at the library. we take him to the library all the time to play so at least he was comfortable with that... this was a little more organized play and he wasn't too sure he liked it. i'm on the fence myself. i like that it's free and no registration required [for the younger classes] and there were several kids who did enjoy it. but they had it in a conference room, with an older woman who was sweet and did fun things...but she didn't have.. you know... charisma and excitement that i think is important to have if you're trying to entertain 15 toddlers for a half hour! she wasn't bubbly. i'm not bubbly either but i still feel like i could have put some jazz and enthusiasm into it a little more. also i think most of the mom's knew each other, aaand i was the youngest there by maybe 10 years or so. saylor right away tried to run away, then he sat on my lap unsure but mildy entertained. she handed out bells for them to shake-he wouldn't hold it but when i had to return it he burst into tears and we ended up ducking out a few minutes early. as soon as we get out of course he's all happy and chatty. so i don't know. i may venture to it again with sarah, we will see. i wonder if our church community center has any fun activities for kids? i know they have free yoga for adults! i liked that.
LOST was so incredible i'm still thinking about it. i forget so much! and these writers, they knew what they were doing from the start. fortunately i have some smart friends who remind me of things. [remember when locke originally found that plane and they didn't know he found it and he said he HAD A DREAM?!' flippin' a.] and the old woman! who had spoken to desmond! ok i'm done.
nothing else i feel like saying so i'll leave it at this- do you know all your planets? there are 8 now since pluto bit the dust. i could only remember 7 [which more proof of how little i paid attention in school]. but colin knew them and their ORDER. i asked him what the acronym was to remember and he didn't know what an acronym was. he just pictured the planets. is this fascinating to anyone else? i can't picture the planets. are you kidding me?!


Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas (Although the the 'pizza' isn't there any more, so maybe she just served us Nuts or something...)

Beth said...

He JUST PICTURED the PLANETS?! Like, in his MIND?! This from the man who wrote handburger.

saylor days said...

there it is thank you! which M comes first though? yah, pictured the planets. he said it all nonchalantly.

Kristin said...

1- "since pluto bit the dust" brought joy to my heart!

2- how does colin not know what an acronym is?!! That is too funny! But he knows all the planets, of course. Oh wow, the things we learn. I totally could picture the planets, too, though, if I had ever learned them. I remember memorizing all the amendments to the constitution in middle school by drawing a string of pictures (one per amendment) all connected. I got them all right on the test (and forgot them afterwards, of course).

saylor days said...

i don't even know what an amendment is. i slept and cheated through every science and history class. and i still have nightmares that i haven't finished high school and have to go to classes.

Happy Hippie said...

I had the same experience with G at the library things. I'm so happy to learn I am not the only one! Take a friend both of you will likely enjoy it more.
As for the planets, I love astonomy, but I couldn't tell you the acronym and I certainly couldn't close my eyes and name them! He's got a gift!
If you hear of any cool little kids stuff at the church community center please let me know, I am going to be doing that again soon enough.:)
P.S. Trev and I got the best surprise at starbucks the other day. We saw your hubs working and chatted a bit! He said we had missed you by minutes. *So sad* :(

Anonymous said...

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