Monday, January 19, 2009

not me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

i most certainly did not see sticky sucker stains on my son's sweater from the previous day and then put it on him to wear again anyway. that doesn't sound like me at all.

i definitely did not let pots and pans sit in our sink for 4 days, nope.

i haven't ignored a hanger sitting in our car for quite some time, and i didn't attempt to use it to scrape snow off my car yesterday! that wouldn't work!

and i totally did not enjoy cable at my parents house last night and i definitely did not watch girls next door, nooo way.

i did not ask my mom to make cookies for me, and when she realized she had no sugar, i so did not drive to my house and back to retrieve sugar. that's too much effort just for some nobakes.

here's an embarrassing one- my sister and i did not discover that i smelled not so pleasant at church on sunday. i didn't try a thai crystal deodorant stone on top of not showering, that's just a bad idea. i didn't have to be careful not to lift my arms in the slightest, and she didn't make fun of me at all...not me!

and i'm so not in bed right now eating chocolate.
i get a kick of out this blog and am finally participating in her not me monday fun. feel free to join the party. seriously.... i have these moments way too often... i am refraining here... so much more i could put but i gotta maintain a certain amount of dignity here on my blog!


meridith said...

i love your new blog design!! sooo fun and pretty!

this is hilarious. here's what i didn't do yesterday:

i did NOT watch all 2 hours of the bachelor last night

i never, ever insist that the tv stay on till i fall asleep at night

i most certainly did not skip a shower two days in a row recently. nope.

jenny mae. said...

i love this.

also i just switched natural deodorants and found one that actually works!!!

it is by earth science and i swear i do not smell in ANY way. and no, not like i tried to convince myself with my old deodorants.

jenny mae. said...

& dude, i definitely did not eat cookie batter for dinner last night and then tell david i "just wasnt hungry". totes no.

Kristin said...

ha ha love it!

Anna said...

what a darling little boy! i love your blog design. so much fun. i never leave pots in our sink either nor do i put stick sweaters on my daughter :)

Happy Hippie said...

I third that I heart your new blog design! The not me Monday is hilarious and humbling! I didn't sit around yesterday and not do the dishes or clean the house. That would be way to lazy! :)

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

That was funny!!! A few comments if you actually were to have done those things....I like the girls next door-always funny...Mom has no bakes??? And-you told me you did shower-liar!!! And during church even....sigh....and to your friend meridith-I love the bachelor!!! I mean, I do not love the bachelor on monday nights??

saylor days said...

sarah, i ate all the no-bakes already-had 'round about 4 a day. and i did shower. on saturday. tho i think i was the shirt i was wearing cuz i didn't smell when i took it off. mystery aroma, ew.