Monday, January 5, 2009

sick sucks

managed to celebrate new year's fairly low key by ducking out early from a party and bringing in the new year with just a few loved ones. i also thoroughly enjoyed a ladies night with dear friends (and bingo!) on saturday but am still currently sick. came down with fever, painful cough, the nose, the body ache, the earache, the headache.... and as a rule i only get fever's when colin is out of town. poor saylor, stayed in his jammies all day, ate meals of crackers and yogurt, and watched bug's life over and over while i was curled up on the couch surrounded by tissues. now the doctor says maybe my nausea and dizziness were from the beginning of all this sinus stuff. i don't know. i am just ready, lord please to feel better. zpak, zofran, cough syrup, ibuprofen, flonase, tylenol, ativan...blaaaaah.
this morning saylor was sitting across the room and he looks at me and goes 'nack.' now of course he being my own child i understand what he is saying most of the time. i love when he says 'owgawor' i know he's saying alligator. and that he says turtle and guitar pretty much the exact same way. oooh it's a fun age he's constantly learning. he knows his alphabet so well, we are now working on recognizing the lower case letters and learning to sign them! he loves it. ok so 'nack. nack nack' he says. and i say 'neck? mommy's neck?' i always feel so bad when i can't understand him, but children are so cute in that they usually don't have a problem repeating themselves 50 times until hopefully someone figures them out. finally he walks over to me and points to some dry cereal i had in a bowl set out for him. 'naaaaack' he says patiently. ' oh snaaaack!' i say. he starts eating and says 'naaack.' it was so cute. then when i was reading books to him before nap time he said 'erwleelie' i kept repeating him, he said it 5 times or so and then i got it. 'ernie's little lie!' which is a book we read all the time. oh my goodness. i was impressed with my decoding-ness. i used to babysit our friend's daughter ryleigh. she was talking all the time but it was still hard to interpret. i was very proud of myself for figuring out she wanted 'mommy's pillowcase' before bed. she probably had to repeat it to me 20 times but for pulling the phrase out of thin air i was so excited, and she was so relieved that i figured it out.
there is a woman at colin's starbucks who is somewhat...prophetic or physic or what have you. i thought she was a christian but colin says he's not sure she is. regardless she reads people in a way, can get senses about people, has words for them or whatever. she does it very sporadically, will just come out and say something. when house of heroes was adding another member she said to colin ' your band's going through some big changes huh? bringing someone else in?' then another time when hoh was writing their new album she just said 'so you guys are writing some new music? it's pretty different from your other stuff isn't it.' she says it like she already knows, very confident. it's hilarious because it's so spot-on! SOOO today she orders her drink, starts to walk away and then comes back and says to colin 'i'm sensing maybe you guys are pregnant again or thinking about getting pregnant?' and colin just laughs and says we've totally been talking about trying soon and she goes 'yah i think it will be soon. i'm seeing may or june.' OH my lord! so crazy. i remember the first time she did this to colin he flipped out in the holy crap kinda way, but he says it's not as crazy to him anymore, but he definitely think she has some sort of gift, and he doesn't feel like an evil presence or anything so that's good. it's funny because if i don't factor in income/where we are going to live- may/june would be exactly when i'd want to get pregnant again.
we will see. but the yet to exist baby number 2 is being spoken of almost daily now... so. we will see. it's been interesting having the 'i'm a young woman, i want my freedom, etc' voice slowly and steadily being drowned out by my maternal desire to have another child, to grow our family and have a sibling for saylor.....


jenny mae. said...

oh man prophetic words can be freaky indeed! but in a good way!

and um babbbbbiiiiieeeess!!

Heather Evans said...

AWWWW.. I am sorry you are sick.. You are right. Being sick SUCKS! I will be praying you feel better soon!

AND HORRAAAYY for the possibilities of new babies on the horizon!! :)