Saturday, February 21, 2009


well i turned 25 on wednesday. good times. i actually do feel older and i can't say that to anyone without them laughing because 99% of my friends are older than me... but i think because i am used to having friends so much older i always feel 18... or 21... and they were always in their mid-twenties and now i'm catching up. [and my friends are in their 30's! aah] i feel the need to have more kids and move to a bigger place but not in an anxious way, more like a fun-to-think-about way.
didn't celebrate my b-day in any huge way- carri and heath made me some pizza and all watched lost. i feel like we are going to a party for something or another every week and so i felt no need to make another hoopla- especially for me because i don't really like attention like that!
SO this week, me, 25..older, wiser... i will share a text between me and amber as we drove home last night from christina and seth's wedding.

me- ive been picking my nose more and more lately. its really becoming an awful [satisfying] habit!

amber-i have 2 agree w the satisfying part. i don't know what made u send that text but while i was in the car w stephen i picked my nose and had nowhere 2 wipe it so i put it in the backfloor under the mat. stephen doesn't know.

me- that. is hilarious! well i thot of it because i was picking my nose in the car! i put it in a napkin i found. i just thot ud appreciate my new habit.

ok so me and amber, all dressed up from a wedding, driving home with our husbands and both of us are picking our noses... i love it i love it.


Kristin said...

I love you beyond words! Happy Birthday! I didn't forget, I just forgot to call :(

Jules said...

thats the best blog ever! i would totally send you that text. i love you and amber...

meridith said...

nathan and i just had a great laugh over that text. you guys are awesome. :) glad you had a good birthday. i just realized i am 10 years older than you but it doesnt seem like it but also i feel old. that means you were probably in the vineyard youthgroup when is started going to jhouse. haha. :)

Maggie the Librarian said...

Happy Birthday lovely!

Sarah said...

Hilarious! I just hope Stephen doesn't read the blog. After seeing a beautiful pic of you and Amber on facebook from the wedding this really puts it in perspective :)

Electroluminescence. said...

merrry late birthday!

i love your blogarooney.
Saylor is precious & your stories brighten up my life!
you're fab!

Happy Hippie said...

LOL! I am picturing both of you dressed so pretty with a finger up your nose...LOL! Too funny!