Sunday, February 15, 2009

i'm always the toad in mario kart

i don't know why i haven't been as consistent lately! i'm thinking more than ever maybe it seems too daunting to write it all out.
i will tell our fun valentine's day story. we had a lovely dinner date with nick and heather at basi italia, this great little restaurant downtown. little, as in it seats maybe 30 people tops. it is like one tiny little room in a house. but the food, oh my goodness! ah-mazing. colin and i did some shopping at urban outfitters and then headed over to basi. we saw they offered valet parking but we managed to find a great parking spot right by the restaurant. we saw a no parking sign but i checked and [i thought] it said no parking 5am-5pm. i asked colin to check it and he did, then i looked again and we were like sweet and went to eat. we made jokes with nick and heather about getting valet parking and then they just drive your car 3 feet away from you..... well no not so much. we came out and had a parking ticket. the sign said 5pm-5am. what?! how did we both not realize that!? so i just laughed what else can you do. so we all drove to jeni's ice cream [the best ice cream in the world] and i literally said 'wouldn't it be funny if we got another parking ticket?' i didn't say wouldn't it suck. i said wouldn't it be funny. was i asking for it?!!?!? so we see another 5pm-am sign but avoided that sucker cuz we learned our lesson. we found a meter and were sure we've parked there several times before to go to mac's. we put in our change and we looked around and made sure everything was cool but again, no, not so much. we come back to another parking ticket! there was a sticker ON the meter that said no parking 6pm-10am. what the h?! how did we miss that? i could not stop laughing. there was the little twinge of crap this sucks and we are so totally poor right now [tickets were each $40] but the stupidness of it all made it too funny. but i am going to try to write a sob story letter and try to at the very least get one ticket voided. [betcha i can do it.]
the rest of the evening was nice, hanging out with some friends. saylor spent the night with colin's parents and they actually had him the whole day on saturday. so when we got to church this morning we hadn't seen him for over 24 hours. we parked the car and i RAN into church i missed him so much! then i had to put him in his sunday school class which he really likes but he's always a little nervous at first. i love spying on him for couple minutes when i pick him up. seeing him sit at the table with the other kids... oh my gosh i can't explain the feeling. it's like my heart is melting and breaking at the same time. it breaks a little because he is doing something and just being someone all on his own and that's how it's gonna be- they will keep growing and become more independent...oh and of course pride. i get so proud seeing him interacting with others! oh my son.
two other notable things i did this weekend- i 'nursed' my friends 6 month old son to sleep. hilarious! ok i'm sure that grosses some people out [bear in mind i've known this girl my whole life we'd still shower together, pick our noses in front of each other... there's just absolutely no pretense about us, we know each other too well. it's nice to get to that place with a friend]
he was up late and i guess we were in a slaphappy mood or something but i decided to try to nurse him. [i can still get a wee bit of milk out, sorry if that's TMI]. we figured he'd get frustrated and not go for it, but he totally nursed for 10-15 minutes or so and fell asleep! it was very strange at first then it wasn't strange but thinking back on it, it was kinda weird. so naturally all this made me miss having a little baby....
the other fun thing we did was play mario kart on wii. i used to play mario kart on nintendo 64 all the time, loved it. my sister has wii and we had way too much fun playing. i'm pretty bad at it right now, it's a lot harder but way funner! on the rare times i play video games with my friends we seem to have the funniest things come out of our mouths, often times hilarious cussing. our friend yelled 'dammo whammo!' once and that stuck we say it all the time now. apparently on friday i was playing and i said 'what a bust!' and my friend julie said 'that's awesome i'm gonna start saying that'. i have no recollection of that. 15 minutes later she's playing and she goes 'aw, what a bust!' i look at her and go 'ha, that's cute i'm gonna start saying that'. she stared at me like i was crazy. she's like ' i got it from you!' i say 'really? when did i ever say that?' she's like '10 minutes ago!!!' it was pretty funny. i like that we both liked it and said we were gonna start saying it. wii brings laughter to the home... :) i may have to a- steal my sister's wii. b- move in with her to play more. c- buy wii.


Kristin said...

Yay I've missed your blogging! :)

jenny mae. said...

sweet nursing babies! seriously i love you. olive still thanks you for your milk!

i totally get you on the kids in a classroom stuff. augustine's first day of preschool (glorified daycare) was emotional for just that reason. he walked in a tot, walked out a BOY.

Happy Hippie said...

Awww, sweet story, not a yucky story. :)

Anonymous said...

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