Thursday, December 18, 2008

twilight gone bad

a few months ago i ran into my lovely friend maggie at church and she started gushing semi-sheepishly about this book called twilight. now, maggie is a [sexy] librarian and of course i'm always interested in what she's reading. so i got twilight from the library and thus joined the millions of girls who are obsessed with the series. there are four books and after i finished each one i passed them on to my friend carri. our constant gushing to each other got another 5 of my girlfriends to read it. two of my friends read the first book in one day. it's like 600 pages. the books are teen fiction. it's romance, and it's about vampires. for me personally, i enjoyed twilight, it was an easy read and i was interested to see where she was going with it. it was not my favorite book/series. i think it could have been written better and sometimes i'd be annoyed for like 40 pages. then there'd be a good chunk/scene and i would feel satisfied. overall, i think the whole story itself is pretty cool. but all along i kept saying 'i can't wait to see the movie. i feel like the movie could be even better than the book'. she had a really intense love story with some really intense action scenes... ARRGH so frustrating. a few of us excitedly, finally went and saw the movie last night. WORST movie i've ever seen.i think the worst movie i've ever seen in a theater is A.I. [with solaris a close 2nd].... twilight may have been worse than those. i cannot even believe how terrible it was. toward the end we were just laughing at out loud at how ridiculous it was. the acting was terrible, the music! the music was awful. the scenes were so choppy, didn't go together i swear if you haven't read the book you'd have no f-ing clue what was going on. like i literally think they said 'alright let's do page 57. alright now a couple lines from page 244. and, scene'. stupid scene. not only do you not believe what is happening, you don't even flippin' know what's going on. at least we were all going 'what the hell?!?!' together so it was pretty laughable. of course there are plans to film the second book and of course they have gotten a new director for it so we will see what happens. there is little hope.
the battery on my mac needs replaced and now my charger seems to be broken as i have to finagle it at a certain angle to get it to charge. no fun! also saylor seems to be getting sick, this morning he woke up and his whole face was covered in dried green snot. that is absolutely disgusting but i still wish i had taken a picture. covered. oh the joys of parenting.


Maggie the Librarian said...

But wasn't is SO FUN to laugh at? I saw it twice. The second time was even funnier.

"I had an adrenaline rush. You can google it."

I swear he watched Goodfellas five million times to work on his American accent.

But yeah, screenplay, editing, direction, etc. were awful. I felt like I was looking through a moving scrapbook of the book, not watching a movie.

saylor days said...

yes exactly, a moving scrapbook! haha. i want colin to watch it to see if he understands it as he hasn't read the book. yah maybe i'll watch it with him again. i was certainly laughing the first time! we laughed the whole way home, so yes that was fun.

Happy Hippie said...

I hate it when crappy movies happen to good book! I haven't read the series, but good to know I should before ever seeing the movie. Sorry it sucked.

Irish Chicken Soup said...

The new layout is beautiful...and yes, Twilight = worst movie ever. I went to see it the night it came out with a few of my friends (we did the same thing you did, wear we passed them around to each other) and laughed at it the entire time and I was bummed because I really liked the books overall. Luckily I had blogger to fume about it, now it's pretty much out of the system. :)

Have a Merry Christmas.