Sunday, December 7, 2008

happy birthday saylor!

my son is 2 today! i can't believe it. of course i was sentimental when he turned one, it was crazy how fast it went,today i feel a little wistful. he's not zero or one anymore... he's not a 'baby',he's a toddler! i'm feeling farther and farther removed from the infant days of swaddling and being up all night nursing...and of course i'm idealizing it in my head. the best remedy for this is, of course, to have another baby.. but saylor himself will never be a baby again. he's huge! yesterday colin wrote every letter of the alphabet and saylor named EVERY single one correctly! every day he learns more and it's amazing. and i suppose most mothers think of their child as a newborn on their birthday. i suppose it is bittersweet every year. i am missing the baby months big time though, i love, love, love the infant stage. i probably should have another baby soon. i think that is making me emotional too. saylor is two. if i got pregnant now he would almost be 3 when the second one was born. the longer we delay this, the older saylor will be. baby #2 is getting more thoughts of 'WHEN DO I DO THIS!?!' then baby #1 did for me, believe it or not. i'm not sure if it's that way for many people...
we had a little party with just family.he did great, got a little overwhelmed when it was time to open presents, a little overstimulated, naturally. he doesn't seem to like being the center of attention [i feel ya say, i'm the same way] but he had a lot of fun and said many a 'thaaankyou!' and 'wooow' and 'i love you's. a couple pictures colin and i took- me with my phone, he with his mac.
elmo cupcake from colin's mom. pretty intense. [he loves sesame street right now]

saylor received some really fantastic toys, we are very thankful to our family!


Anonymous said...

How cute.

I think it makes sense that your thinking about another baby. I know my sister tried to time my nephews to where they were about 3 years apart and they're super close and so adorable. She did it because my siblings and me are spaced really far apart so we were never that close. It's definitely something that has an impact.

meridith said...

happy birthday saylor!
that's exciting that you are thinking about more babies. i have to say i definitely fall into very much analyzing the "when do we try for baby #1" crew. it's hard to know what's best. some days i feel so ready - other's not at all.

Lindsay Schneck said...

happy birthday say! i totally agree about #2 getting more thought than #1. Having Liam just kind of happened, but I have LITERALLY been thinking about baby #2 since the day we found out we were pregnant with #1. It's so much pressure!

Happy Hippie said...

Lo was 3 and half when G was born. We didn't plan it ,but it was perfect! She was potty trained, she helped get diapers or a burp rag when I was being pummeled with spit up, helped to play with him. She did get jealous, naturally, but she was such a helper! I think by that age she understood to be careful with the baby, too.
When ever it happens I know you will be ready. You and Colin make babies that are too cute and sweet. I think there should definitely be more of them in the world!
Happy Bday Saylor!!