Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more words regarding vaccines

this is part of the forward of the book i am currently reading, 'mother warriors', by yes, jenny mccarthy. her path in life has drastically changed- i commend her for using her voice and doing everything she possibly can to speak loudly-for herself and thousands of parents. i've only just started the book but i would definitely recommend it.
doctor's are finally coming forward-he is one of many. this forward is brief, just the tip of the iceberg, i say...
"...Vaccines can cause autism. Diet and supplements and other alternatives to doing nothing can lead to recovery from autism. period. We doctors need to stop deceiving our patients into thinking that immunizations are 'free'. Every medical intervention costs the body something, and we have legal and moral obligation to tell parents.
When I give, for example, amoxicillin for a urinary tract infection, I'm almost apologetic as I describe the rash the kids can get, the possible yeast infections, and the diarrhea that can be caused by this and most other antibiotics. One in ten thousand children could have a dangerous allergic reaction.
When I discuss vaccines with parents, I talk to them about the benefits and the risks. The official position of the American Academy of Pediatrics may be the same as my personal position, but they are far too involved with the pharmaceutical industry to actually do anything but pay lip service to an open discussion. The CDC and the AAP are filled with doctors whose research, speaking engagements, and travel are often funded by the manufacturers of vaccines. Many of these same doctors are paid consultants, and some later go to work full-time for the pharmaceutical industry.
...Yes, most vaccines have much less mercury, but wait until the evidence against aluminum in vaccines becomes common knowledge. The body of research regarding aluminum's harm to human cells already contains hundreds of articles. The most damning conclusions were recently published by Dr. Robert Sears, a very well-known and well-respected pediatrician and the son and partner of Dr.William Sears, long regarded as 'America's Pediatrician'. Using the numbers he gathered from the FDA's own data and web site, Dr.Sears points out the unbelievable difference between the acknowledged toxic dose for a baby, 20 micograms, and the amount found in hepatitis B vaccine given on the day of birth, 250 micrograms. At two months of age, this same infant could receive immunizations containing as much as 1,875 micrograms of aluminum. This is disgraceful and dangerous, and Dr.Sears goes on to say that his "instinct was to assume that the issue had been properly researched, and that studies had been done on healthy infants to determine their abilitiy to rapidly excrete aluminum."
No studies have been done. None. He, and we, can conclude what scientists have known for a long time: Evidence has existed for years that aluminum in amounts this large is harmful for humans. We can only guess what harm we might be causing to babies with these huge overdoses of aluminum.
In mid-2008, Dr.Bernadine Healy finally spoke up. Dr. Healy is the former head of the United States National Institutes of Health [NIH] and a key member of the Institute of Medicine. Referring to the association between thimerosal, vaccines, and autism, Dr. Healy said "I think public health officials have been too quick to dismiss the hypothesis as 'irrational', without sufficient studies of causation...without studying the population that got sick". I believe she's just one of many intelligent doctors and scientists who know that we need to study the link between vaccines and autism and other neuroimmune disorders.
Like many of you and some of my colleagues, I'm extremely concerned about what has caused the tremendous increase in autism and related disorders over the past decade. The presumption that doctors are much better at diagnosis is absurd and unscientific....The truth is that we have to look much harder at what happens when we directly and repeatedly inject toxic material into babies, toddlers, and children. The benefits for most healthy children are easily matched or outweighed by the risks of the immunization schedule used by almost all pediatricians. Some of our vaccines have outlived their usefulness in the united states and elsewhere, and others need reformulation to make them safer for those families who want their children to receive them. additionally, pediatricians and the medical community at large have to begin listening very closely to parents who know their children better than we do....."
Jay N. Gordon, M.D., F.A.A.P., I.B.C.L.C., F.A.B.M.
Assitant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
UCLA Medical Center
Former Senior Fellow in Pediatric Nutrition, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute


Happy Hippie said...

I swear you were reading my mind today!! In the past 14days I have spoken with 2 pediatricians regarding this matter. One is G's pediatrician and the other is a friend. I informed G's pediatrician of our expected bundle and asked if they do delayed shot schedules. I love this woman, but she gave me a suspicious look and said no. I said,” You don't space them out? I already have one child with autism and am trying to do everything I can to prevent having a 2nd with it." She gave me the speech about the vaccines do not cause it, blah, blah, and blah. They don't recommend delaying shots. But they would space them out do to my request and I would have to sign some legal forms. Our friend ,who is a ped, when on a tangent about Jenny McCarthy and vaccines. (He works with alot of autistic and ADHD)He also doesn't recommend one space out shots or anything like that. He thinks Jenny is full of crap. He believes diet changes aren't that significant. He believes it is genetic and we are just more aware of it. He also didn't believe my trying to eat mostly organic wouldn't affect the out come of a potentially autistic child. I told him I understood where he was coming from, but isn't there something to be said for a parents peace of mind? My spacing out the vaccines will hurt no one. My eating organic hurts no one. It puts my mind at ease. We don't know where or how cancer starts but no one bulks when people try to eat better to offset their odds of getting it!
I am so going to read this book.
I am also going to be praying about whether to switch pediatricians. I just don't understand why they can't support something where no one gets hurt. Sad really.
I'm sorry this was long. I will step off of my soap box now.
and thanks for making us away of what this pediatrician wrote! :)

saylor days said...

aagh. unfortunately for jenny, i think her previous reputation can make her seem off-putting.
we had to call around a bit to find a doctor who would still see us if we didn't vaccinate. i'll email you their info. it seems many doctors are quite automatically defensive on this subject. thousands of parents have watched their children suddenly regress after vaccinations. countless have seen remarkable improvement after a change of diet/supplement.
i'm sorry you've been receiving backlash for trying to find what's best for your family! not cool!

Dr. Healy's interview

jenny mae. said...

what does WIC say about saylor not being vaccinated? im kinda scared if we sign up that i will get verbally beaten up!

jenny mae. said...

oh! and i worked with autistic children doing in home therapy for years and i can definitely say that there is a prevailing feeling among the parents that there is a direct link. one mom got a shot while she was pregnant and she really believes that is why her son is autistic. i have a friend who got a booster as an adult and several months later developed MS symptoms and she is our age!! another has severe arthritis and has since she was a kid right after, you guess it - a booster shot.

saylor days said...

when i did WIC there was never anything that questioned immunizations, i don't think. their focus is more food/nutrition/breastfeeding/formula. and caresource, our insurance, is aware that we don't vaccinate and we haven't been beaten up yet so that's nice.