Tuesday, December 16, 2008


christmas is sneaking up on me but i'm enjoying it. i had a dream the other night that our friend tim was santa claus. and i was selected to be mrs. claus and i got to go with him to deliver presents on christmas eve. i was so excited to ride the sleigh and i couldn't wait to see how it was done-delivering presents to the world in one night! and i was so proud of tim for being santa claus, what a huge responsibility. oh my gosh it had to be one of my all time favorite dreams. i am still laughing out loud about it.
last night i went out with some people to celebrate our friend nick's bday. we had dinner at the golden phoenix. my first time there but an apparent favorite among many. it was pretty good. i even took a picture of my veg.fried rice because i liked the silver platter it came in...and i tend to take more random pictures when colin isn't home so i can show him what he's missing. because he totally cares about the platter my food comes on, right?

so the waiter was walking around handing out the little take home cartons and he walked past me and abruptly pulled my chopsticks out of my dish, as they were sticking straight up in the dish [even more so than in the picture]. he said in his broken english 'no, you can't do that!!' and muttered a couple sentences as he walked by that i didn't hear or understand at all. i was so amused/confused at the same time. one of nick's friends then explained to me that you should never do that, it is is a sign of death and to just stick them like that is very disrespectful! WHO KNEW? i sure didn't! wikipedia has the down low under
universal and chinese etiquette. i felt bad i certainly didn't mean to be disrespectful. it was pretty funny though. i'm glad i know now. watch your chopsticks people!


Heather Evans said...

Oh MY! Who would have known about the chopsticks? That is crazy and interesting. I totally going to look up the chinese etiquette on wikipedia! :)

Aaron, Sarah, and Emily Walter said...

Oh my gosh-that is hysterical!!!!!! I looked on the wikipedia site, and now I am totally terrified to ever use chopsticks-so many regulations!!! I'll just stick with my good ol' knife and fork thank you!

I take random food pictures too if Aaron's outta town-I think I have one of a burrito and one of fish and chips....weird....like he cares!

Oh, and where's this restaurant? Looks yummy!!

meridith said...

how did i miss the chopsticks incident? i never heard of that but nathan knew about it somehow - probably all the kung fu movies he used to watch.

saylor days said...

haha. most of colin's knowledge is from simpson's or stephen colbert or something!

Happy Hippie said...

Wow! I will never do that again. Who knew?!

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