Sunday, May 17, 2009

packing up

traveling with a toddler takes thrice as much effort.... i have done too much shopping and list making, but i'm enjoying it. saylor is very excited, hopefully he does well. he really has been amazing [read: behaving well] these past couple weeks without his daddy here. of course my mood affects his mood tremendously- yesterday i realized our flight home was booked out of san jose- and we need to fly home from san diego. i honestly don't know how this happened. i'm pretty organized and thorough.... anyway this little mistake cost us $645. oh yes. ouch ouch ouch. oh yes, and colin got a $140 speeding ticket yesterday. LORD grrrrr! i get mad if i spend $3 on a bag of chips that i don't like.... soooo. i kept breaking down in tears, but then saylor would burst into tears saying 'mommy happy!' he didn't want me sad! our whole day yesterday was exhausting. i was on the phone for a good four hours trying to figure it out and get the best deal. i was told by american airlines that cheaptickets had canceled my flight right after i booked it... so that is fishy. the whole thing just blows. i don't understand it, but i have to get over it! aaaaggh ok yah i can't think about it.
otherwise we are excited- colin is literally going to notice a dramatic change in saylor's talking- he is talking so much more! he talks about daddy everyday...

this is my mom's fire pit she got for mother's day. kinda a lonely-ish mother's day- colin gone, my sister had to work [she's a NICU nurse], my brother was at school, colin's parents are in africa... anyway we still had a nice time- though saylor is pantless because about 10 minutes before this picture was taken he threw up all over me and himself. we aren't sure why, he was happily enjoying graeter's then started crying... he may have choked on something? so sad!! of course he was immediately all better after throwing up...

enjoying his new carseat and his 'my first airplane ride' book- we checked out two books about flying and both of them end with the boy seeing his grandma... weird only to me?
i cut his hair last week too. which i think everyone would agree that's something i shouldn't do. but it turned out decent! i think.
..saylor says 'mommy talk airplane' as he wants me to keep telling him all about it. and he says he will be a 'good boy, quiet' on the plane.... we will see!

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Kristin said...

I just can't believe he's even big enough to talk about airplanes!