Wednesday, May 27, 2009


we had such a great time! it's hard to sum it up, but i'll try to recap a bit, mostly for my own sake. we made some great memories. we arrived wednesday morning-saylor was perfect on the flights out there. [a guy behind us asked 'is he always this happy? and a flight attendent said he was the cutest thing she'd ever seen and gave us cookies] though i feel like we had 'external' attack- i swear this is what often happens when my emotions and relationships are doing well, and the enemy wants to mess around with me. colin and i had a great first year of marriage relationship wise- we were so happy- but we were constantly under attack- sickness, car broken into, car accident, blahblah. so on this trip- i had bought a tent for saylor to sleep in that didn't arrive in time, the portable dvd player i brought wasn't working properly, colin got really sick as soon as we got there, i got a nasty cut on my leg and a bad sunburn, the airport lost my stroller on the way home... but seriously all that and i was still having the best time. you just have to go with the flow and choose to have fun anyway sometimes. we got to see so many great friends and make some new ones as well. saylor was SO excited to see colin-ran up to him and wouldn't let go. wed and thurs we hung out in san jose. friday we got to meet noemi's family, and then we spent the weekend at chris and angie's, some close friends of ours that recently moved out there. our friend nimma was with us for the weekend as well... saturday was a hangout day, we walked around and went to venice beach [where i was 2 seconds from my cousin but we didn't connect in time to get together. bummer!]. here are a couple pictures from the marina beach we also went to- saylor is playing with javin-little boy of friends of chris and angie. he is SO cute! his parents own a couple stores that are pretty sweet-julia roberts and reese witherspoon are frequent customers [so much name dropping can be done! i'm trying to refrain]

sidenote-i actually wore my contacts the whole trip, i swear. except for when this picture was taken. haha. grr i hate glasses. and contacts! saturday night saylor was baby-sat by angie's friend frederique so we could all go to one of their shows. frederique is this little french woman, best accent ever! and saylor loved her. got to see jen, jen, dustin and nate at the show and that was nice.
sunday was spirit west coast where we got to see some more friends and hang out.
food/restaurants i enjoyed- pomodoro- SO good and great prices!, pinkberry [frozen yogurt], in-n-out [had to get it], french market cafe- a perfect place.
random sayings that made me laugh hysterically and won't be funny to anyone else, but i wanted to write them down so i don't forget---
tim: katie, am i in your top 20 friends? name all your friends, go! katie: ok, katie, michelle, aj.... all of us: laugh and what? you're friends with yourself??
chris calling pomodoro for directions: hi is this the uh... restaurant? ... he then carried on trying to explain himself as he couldn't remember the name of the restaurant we were going to, it was hilarious..
me, caught off guard by a small rat looking dog:oh! he's...cute.. cool california dog owne: thanks... walks away and turns back,sheepish: we didn't know he was going to be this small! --that made me laugh forever. someone embarrassed of their dog! and i picture him and his wife or whatever, they get the dog and their like.. ooh. he's so small. um...... haha!
and then katie saying i have a unique [read:big!] nose and then saying someone once told her: girl, you have got the smallest nose i have ever seen!... haha! who would SAY that to someone!? hilarious.
saylor was whiny on one of the flights home, he was SO exhausted and i was at the end of my rope with him too.... he fell asleep on the way home from the airport and then slept from 6pm-10am. 16 hours!!!! haha! then a 3 hour nap. then slept until 9:30 today as well, after going to bed at 7. he's very happy to be home and in his own am i!!

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katemcdonald said...

how did I not know that you live in Ohio!??!? We should definitely go to the zoo together sometime..I am on board! June is nuts for me, but after July 4th I will have (hopefully) lots of time!