Tuesday, May 5, 2009

cali for nia

the guys are gone, and so far saylor has been great, and my friends keep coming over and keeping me company so that's nice.
wanted to post about my diagnosis- i'm so sick of thinking and talking about this though i think it's good to have written out a map of my symptoms over the past few months... so in a nutshell---i had an ENG, caloric stimulation test on my ears- very interesting, had to wear these crazy camera goggles, they blew hot and cold air in my ear and made me count and asked me random questions while measuring my eyes and ear stuff. and they found something! i have a %30 weakness in my left ear. this doesn't measure hearing but the weakness is in the inner ear related to balance and such. the test is supposed to make you dizzy and your eye and ear responses should be equal and mine were not. anything %25 or greater is considered abnormal. they said as i am just at %30 it could be more aggravating cuz my brain isn't working hard enough to compensate the variance. so that could account for my nausea and lightheadedness. the doctor also gave me a diagnosis of MAV, migraine associated vertigo. [with the secondary diagnosis of a viral infection that caused the weakness]. it wasn't a perfect answer, with xyz is what's happening and xyz is what you can do about it... but i'm willing to take it and move on. she actually recommends anti-anxiety meds to help treat MAV as it helps with these migraines. i am currently taking celexa and want to get off it when i am pregnant-am praying my symptoms don't increase when this happens. my symptoms have gotten better as i've been on it for a few months [primarily the brain fog and nausea]. so we will pray. these migraines can be without headaches- so when i experience motion/light sensitivity and nausea- it is considered a migraine of sorts....
katie and i have booked a trip to cali to visit the guys!! yippee. california is my favorite state and i haven't been there for 5 years. i am taking saylor too so it's going to be...an adventure. i think he wil do good though. we are just going from the 20th-25th but we'll get to go to a couple shows, have a day off with them and hang out with some friends in cali. we have many friends there and i have a bunch of family there too. we also plan to meet up with jared's fiance noemi. saylor's gonna be tired and out of whack with the time change but i think it's going to be great and i'm gonna find myself talking about moving there.. i know people will be trying to recruit us! :)...if only it was right next to ohio!

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