Saturday, November 15, 2008

rockin' the thriftin'

a few of us ladies hit up ohio thrift this morning. i haven't gone thrifting in awhile and was doubting my ability to find anything. i was fortunately with some people that seriously knew what they were doing, and i scored a jacket, tee, and a fantastic purse just because they held it up to me. and i grabbed. i don't always trust myself to find those sweet finds that people manage to find... but this store was great, chock full of amazing things. i am quite excited about my suitcase

three dollars! it's in perfect condition too. and i love these sailboat earrings too

we just got home from a friend's house and put saylor down for bed at a record late time of 10 pm. when he was a baby he slept everywhere. on people's floors, beds and then packnplays and cribs. when he started refusing to do that we often just put him to bed at one of our parent's house and then went out. now we are excited that occasionally we can just keep him up late. there was a couple other toddlers there to keep him company and he was perfect! i am so proud of him. part of me is like crap he needs to be in bed! and the other part was in awe of how well he played and behaved. and fortunately for us he still loves bedtime. so we put his jammies on before we left then when we got home we kissed him and rocked him for about 15 seconds then lay him down! aaaah i love him. we will see when he wakes up.... the past few days he has been back to his waking up happy around 8ish playing and i've been able to keep him in there until close to 9. yay... i am not even going to think about how things will change when we move him into a bed....gonna use that crib as long as he'll stand it.
i am SO in love with christmas music. it brings me a ridiculous amount of peace and comfort. i also feel a stupid amount of comfort from the red starbucks cups.
other things i'm loving this week- saylor happily going to the nursery tonight!!!, $1.69 gas, 30 rock, my husband's art he's been working on, gilmore girls, sweatpants...AND this website i found [through relevant mag]- it's great! any books, movies, cd's or games you own and are willing to trade? this is a trading website. you pay shipping and that's it. you tell them what you have and thousands of options pop up that you can trade for! i am all about it.


meridith said...

i had sooo much fun saturday. we should do that again soon. i love your sailboat earrings. :) wish i knew about swaptree a month ago i took a bunch of books to half price books and got about a dollar for all of them.

Alie said...

yay for bargains! i'm glad you posted about thrifting. it seems to be a forgotten trend, at least by me. i need to get back into it. you found some nice treasures!! love the sailboat earrings.

Heather Evans said...

Dude the suitcase and sailboat earrings are awesome! :) And I totally know what you mean about how Christmas gives you joy and peace! I feel the same way. Especially while drinking from the holiday cups! :) But I went to starbucks the other day and had no Idea what the new drinks were and I felt silly, but tried one and it was awesome! Your blogs are cool.


Heather Evans said...

Well, I actually just started Blogging blogging yesterday! haha! So you are not out of the loop at all! :) I like reading blogs a lot I realized and got serious about it. And it is good therapy to write!