Wednesday, November 12, 2008

am i an overreacter?

i really try to be calm and not spaz- like if i bang my foot and it's searing pain i try to remain silent or if i break a glass i laugh instead of general i try to be this way... i think? and in general i think i am pretty chill with my son. se la vie, so be it, ah he's gonna get dirty anyway, so what if the popsicle drips all over him.
on the other hand. i think i have overreacted when he is sick. when he was a brand new baby we trekked him to the doctor one time because his nose was stuffy...and another time because of a rash. that all babies get but i swear his was 'really bad'. i totally don't feel like i'm one of those moms, but maybe i am!? i don't freak out or get all nervous, but i do feel like i may as well have someone else look at it and tell me what they think.
when he was six months old he started this weird head shaking tic thing. it was very scary-sortof looked like a seizure. and we took him to the emergency room and all the doctors saw it and were intrigued but not too concerned-but were trying to watch their backs as they weren't entirely sure. so he had a cat-scan AND an overnight stay at children's that included a late night EKG. AND an MRI. we were nervous parents and crazy thankful that we could say it was 'nothing'. yet embarrassed at the same time in a weird way. now if a doctor sees it on his charts i have to explain, no it was just a weird tic thing,mumble mumble.
this past summer colin's mom was going down the slide with him and his foot twisted back. he cried and cried and his foot swelled and was bruised. he was ok but he wouldn't walk. so of course we go to the doctor for x-rays. they don't find anything so we keep waiting and he still isn't walking. the doctor wants to see him again and realizes the x-rays weren't thorough enough. more x-rays! he is ok. the boy didn't walk for TWO weeks. i can't explain how weird that is. in a way it was easier to watch him. he was totally at the run-every-which-way-and-must-touch-everything-age so it was weird/funny to go to a friends house or starbucks and just have him sit patiently and play. but it was sad too and when he started walking again he was wobbly and limping for awhile!
back to what i'm saying. do i overdo the doctor thing? there have been other appts. for an ear infection and fevers as well... this morning saylor woke up at 5:45am crying and screaming. he had a little fever last week and still has a runny nose and cough. colin wasn't home and i could not console saylor. he wasn't out of it-rock me to sleep mama-he was in pain. he was crying nonstop for over an hour.and as i had planned to have ella today i didn't want to wait and make a doctor appointment, plus his doctor is a good half hour away. so i headed to ER again [about 5 minutes away]. fortunately i got in immediately. fortunately the doctors loved him [and were loving his name, a-thankyou]. fortunately they couldn't find anything significant, he is fine. again i feel a little silly. but i guess i err on the safe side. but i'm sure with subsequent children i will do this less.
poor saylor's throat is sore we think that's why he was crying so much. it's hard because he tries to tell me but much of his 'talking' isn't coherent yet. pointing at the throat a lot got the point across.
YAY for-
christmas music! hot apple cider! scarves! blankets! soup! christmas music!!!
this is one of my favorite 'songs'. it is my ringtone on one of my friend's phones.

also i love puppets. a lot.


Irish Chicken Soup said...

I don't think so, it's just the "good mommy" gene. :) It's way better than the alternative.

By the way, I also LOVE his name! It's so original. If you don't mind, how did you come up with that?

jenny mae. said...

i think everybody is different. i know the above poster doesnt mean it the way im probably taking it but am i a "bad mommy" because i dont take my kids have never been to a doctor? well olive hasnt save for the "did she swallow a screw?" incident, and augustine hasnt been in 3 yrs. follow your gut, that's why God gave them to us! short of a person denying medical care when it is really out of their capabilities to care for them, i dont think taking a kid (or not) is a commentary on a parent's love or worth or anything like that.

Kristin said...

I think you do a wonderful job with Saylor. Of course you will be concerned when he is ill, hurt, etc. If taking him to the doc seems like the best way to make sure he is ok, then by all means, take him. If you feel fine keeping him at home, then keep him at home and don't worry about it. Do what you feel comfortable with! I love your laid-back attitude with him, i think you are an awesome mommy!!!

Happy Hippie said...

Don't feel bad at all! Better safe than sorry, i always say. And trust me I drive Trevor crazy to this day with the doctors visits. I just want to make sure they are ok. Just keep on doin' what your doin'. You are a great mommy!