Tuesday, August 4, 2009

to blog or to tweet

i thought twitter was pointless and stupid... could not understand it at all... and then i joined just to follow my husband and a few companies and now i enjoy it. kinda like the first time i watched arrested development- it was on tv, i was with friends who were all into it, laughing hysterically. i thought it didn't make sense, and so i didn't pay attention....now of course, i realize that arrested development is one of the best shows ever made. but that's my new excuse for not blogging as much, cuz i'm sending pics and mini updates on twitter... i can't update my life in 10 different ways, i get tired of repeating myself :) waiting for the technology where we just think a thought and it sends a text to our friends phone... god help us.
this chunk of colin being gone has been really hard for some reason. there was an exact moment where i just lost it. lost my patience, energy, sanity.... i'm hanging on by thread here, waiting for him to get home. saylor LITERALLY asks about every 10 minutes 'mommy?! where'd daddy go?'.. i keep saying a toddler is so much like an ederly person with alzheimer's! i think he just likes to keep asking about daddy and i used to pride myself on my patience and shake my head at people who lost their cool so easily with their child... oh, ignorant self. a toddler will test your patience...hourly....i've gotten so frustrated that i start shaking and then i'm laughing, like truly laughing out of frustration, i can't explain it but it feels like i'm going crazy. so there are good hours and awful hours... and i keep thinking of real single moms and yes it is truly the hardest job in the world and i'm so thankful for colin, when he is home he takes over and gives me so much freedom.
my son is awesome he is doing so many cute things right now, and overall i think he is a pretty good boy... but it is exhausting. and apologies to my friends who have seen me this last month- more frazzled than relaxed.
colin talks to him on the phone and sends pictures and videos- and skyping has been cute, saylor talks to him like crazy so that's sweet.... alright a few cute things he's doing-
he still does 'ah ah ah' the count laugh, every time he counts something... a lot of people are loving that
he often says 'i'm so sleepy again!' like he's surprised that he gets tired
he's singing all the time now his favorites being happy birthday and ring around the rosie
he has known all his letters since before he was two, which i guess is pretty advanced, and he's learning his numbers now. he loooves letters and numbers.
he tells stories now, i can ask him what he did in sunday school and he will tell me things! i love love this.
he loves and is devoted to his stuffed animals
everything is she... stuffed animals, trucks, people-he uses 'she', never 'he'
he loves to snuggle and give long hugs and kisses...mmmm


Electroluminescence. said...

i will definitely remember to keep you in my prayers.
I can't imagine what it's like to be alone & take care of your precious boy by yourself for days on end!
I'm sure the good days are super rewarding... but I'll make sure to pray that you have less of the frustrating days from now on!
keep your chin up!

Saylor is the cutest thing ever!

Kristin said...

ok please no more twitter... just blogs. Because I miss you!