Thursday, August 27, 2009

summer times

someone took these pictures at a show hoh played on monday and sent them to me. love them! [my son's hair is out of control. all the time] colin also took these pics while i was unaware-

ah my boy...he definitely ran halfway on the stage for the first time... he was totally dancing like a free bird it was quite amusing then he took a few steps closer...then again, then again and i had to run out and grab him and he cried. awesome.
jared and noemi got married last saturday, it was lovely. hopefully get some pictures of that soon. it was a pretty perfect wedding.. i was a last minute sub bridesmaid and had no time to find anything cute so i was not fond of the dress/shoes i had to wear...definitely changed after the ceremony/pictures! we are so happy to have noemi in our family and excited for them to grow in marriage...

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