Saturday, June 13, 2009

koebele wedding

heather got married! one of my best friends, so close to my heart. she's so amazing and god finally gave her her beloved. their story is pretty amazing, though i don't feel like writing it all out, it is beautiful. and we've been waiting so long for nick! we love him and are so glad they are now one....
it was surely one of my favorite weddings. her best friends handed her flowers as she walked down the aisle to make up her bouquet. sweet idea though we were all crying so much it was funny. so it was literally all of us crying and laughing at the same time as we handed her flowers. it was a perfect evening..the weather was great and it was fun spending time with friends. the other highlight for me was i burnt my head with a sparkler. i have no idea how it happened, though we had wooden sparklers and apparently they can break easier than metal ones... our friend angie also burnt her head! but i felt a few sparks fly in my head and i spazzed out and kept trying to smack it out, feeling like my head was on fire.... and then a huge chunk of hair flew out. and yes, i have a bald spot now. and with me and was smelling like burnt hair everywhere. it was hilarious! i was laughing pretty hard but it hurt so bad i started crying too.. two times in one night of laughing/crying simataneously... so it felt like knife scraping my head for a few days and i've got a good size battle wound bald spot...random pictures as again i never seem to take pictures anymore... so i just have to steal people's....i was excited about my dress- i got it at a vintage store here in westerville called cinda lou... so it was a straight up vintage 70's dress, fun.

one of my favorite families, showing only two of the 10 grandchildren. love the harts!

our favorite twins

jen's daughter bella putting makeup on me...i look funny and i think this is the face i make when i put makeup on myself. haha

i love these because i don't think they realized i had the sunglasses on in the first picture...then they decided to be stupid in the second one but i didn't catch that....

beautiful cake by lindsey rike, beautiful topper by christen nelson...yum!!

heather and nick koebele

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Sarah said...

I love your dress - super cute. My sister and law did that for her wedding bouquet too; I guess it's a custom at Mexican weddings.