Saturday, June 27, 2009

everyone's talking about MJ

last thursday the 18th house of heroes did a quick interview with radiou while at the alive festival....the dj jared french asked them how they got permission to use the beatles songs for their EP. well, as you may know, michael jackson owns the publishing rights to most beatles songs. so house of heroes said 'oh, we killed michael jackson'... !!!!!! and jared french said 'you heard it right here. house of heroes killed michael jackson!' AAAAAH the irony the horrible irony. [upon remembering this yesterday they called radiou and asked to have that part removed from the interview...]

i am seriously quite frightened by what he actually looked like these past 5-10 years. i'd like to remember him with this nice skin color


Kristin said...

how horrible! I'm glad they called and had that part removed.

meridith said...

oh man, what a crazy story. i'm with you, i hope he'll be remembered for who he was at his best.