Saturday, April 18, 2009


i've written off and on about feeling sick for the past few months. it's really hard to explain, and it still hasn't gone away. it's unbelievably frustrating and often scary. the main symptoms are nausea and lightheaded/headaches. it is quite debilitating. i don't have the energy or desire to do much as it exacerbates my symptoms [loud noises, bright lights, focusing on people makes my head swim and makes me nauseated]. from looking online the best answer i could come up with is some sort of inner ear disorder and yesterday a neurologist said he thinks that's what it could be. i had an MRI yesterday that came back looking good so now they want to test me for this inner ear thing. what i think it could be is called vestibular neuronitis and it says it usually clears up in 1-4 weeks or something but sometimes it lingers for months or years. i think it could be this as in the fall i had an ear infection then later my left ear was swollen and they didn't know why. so i think i somehow got some sort of virus that didn't clear up. i just want an ANSWER. i want a doctor to be able to confirm whatever it is and then help me.
we want to get pregnant again so i'm annoyed that my symptoms haven't fully cleared so when i'll get pregnant i'll just continue to feel nauseous, and i worry that my symptoms will worsen with pregnancy. i also am concerned about getting pregnant then the doctor prescribes some antibiotic or medicine that i can't take during pregnancy. my ear tests are next week but i don't have an appt with this specific doctor until the end of june. i cried when they told me that's the soonest i can get in. i do not want to wait that long- i know i haven't described this super well but if you think of it please pray-for healing first of all, and then that i can meet this doctor sooner than the end of june. that i will find definite answers and remedies soon.
saylor is amazing he learns new things everyday. yesterday i taught him the word 'sharp' and we talked about sharp objects. it's just fascinating to me, this age- they are sponges. i am so impressed with all he's constantly learning and i love his everyday he talks more clear and puts more words together. he loves having 'jare-bear' living with us. we love it too- hard to explain but it just works great for us, having a roommate. it goes along our lines of desiring community and sharing and all that too. after jared gets married we plan to have our friend alicia move in with us.
sun! warmth! windows open! flip flops! skirts! my favorite!


meridith said...

i'm so sad you have had to go through this, talking to you saturday made me realize how hard it's been. it's good to hear there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you are closer to figuring out what's going on. i pray for 100% healing in Jesus name!

Happy Hippie said...

I will totally be praying for you!! You do not want to be pregnant while putting up with this thing. I don't have ear problems and i have fallen down the stairs 2x's and up the stairs once during this pregnancy! You just focus on getting your little self better. That next super cutie will be made exactly when he/she is suppose to be made. Just so you know, I had ALOT of health problems and even had to be on 'roids last summer. It was insane. We didn't plan Ryland, but he was made as soon as all of that crud was out of my system and my body was mended. The same will happen for you, I just know it! I will be praying for healing and if you need help with Saylor or Ella, let me know. Even if it's just until a dizzy spell clears. We're right down the street,call or txt anytime.
Big hugs!!

Electroluminescence. said...

i will most definitely be praying for you!
i have intense earache/headache/major sinus problems...and that hurts i can't imagine going through what you're going through!
poor thing!!!!!
<3 keep your chin up!