Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the garment doctor

i found this dress from a friend's 'raid my closet' sale, it's this cute 80's dress.. i want to wear it to tim and stephanie's wedding but it's too long style wise, it needs to be shorter. so i went to the garment doctor today. this was my first visit to this amazing eccentric woman- colin has met her before, i hadn't as i typically go to this little old lady right down our street next to thai grille. but she takes awhile and i need this done asap!
so i pull up and then see a creepy guy pulling in next to me parking in front of a tobacco store and he was staring and i was weirded out so yes, i backed out and drove to starbucks for a bit and then came back. ahem ahem. but at starbucks i discovered that the dress i was presently wearing had a tear in the back! aaaand it's not mine it's val's. so i point it out to the lady [need to find out her name!] after showing her the dress i came for and she's just super cute.. she's old and has a perfect new york accent and right away she's rambling away stories to me. so she tells me to take off the dress i'm wearing and i'm standing in the middle of her store like 'oh, ok... i have nothing on underneath..?' and she's like 'nothin i haven't seen before honey.' so i think well shoot whatever. so i give her the dress and then put on the dress i came for. she fixes val's dress in approx 30 seconds. awesome. she starts pinning the dress i'm wearing all the while telling me about her old neighborhood, designer wedding dresses she worked on, etc etc etc... i'm falling in love with her. she agrees the dress looks much better shorter and then tells me 'ok you need to take your hand, cross it over, stick it in your dress and pull up ok?' and i'm like what the heck is she telling me ooooh ok pull my boobs up. it's a strapless dress. so i shift one side and then let her know the other side is a lot bigger because i haven't nursed off that side yet today.. so i adjust that one and yah they are noticeably different in size and she is surprised and laughs and says 'i've never seen anything like that before!'. um. evidently you never breastfed?! a-whoops. i thought you said you've seen it all lady! aaaah :)
i hope the dress turns out well, if so i will post before and after pics.


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