Monday, June 7, 2010

night life of a mother

yesterday we had a baby shower for amber, it was a sweet time. i was officially starting to feel tired.. like first time i'm noticing feeling it since clover has been born. but i still decided to go out to eat with some friends after the shower. so colin took saylor home and clover and i went out... came home so tired and then this is how my night went:

9:45pm home

10:00 clover is passed out after a good nurse, diap change and swaddle [put her in packnplay next to our bed]

10:30 bed after talking to colin, reading 'the help'.. clover's been doing 3 hour stretches, always praying for a 4 hour...

12:30 clover's grunting and rooting.less than 3 hours, oy.nurse [and read the help], bathroom, peek on saylor, back to sleep at 12:45ish

2:30 gruntgrunt root root.. 2 hours again? hear her fill her diaper. unswaddle, change, reswaddle, nurse, back to sleep 2:50 or so

3-something i hear a squak and grunt, look at her [with my cell phone as a flashlight of course] and she's sleeping.

4:30 saylor to his room, he has his water but wants 'cold water from the fridge'. i say no to this, not during bedtime. he insists he wants it, i tell him no and hafta get serious with him. he consents, drinks his 'warm' water, i rub his back and sing 'ABC's' to him. bathroom [is there a better word to use than pee?! toilet? go potty?!], then back to bed

5:30 gruntgrunt rootroot. bring her to bed with me, nurse while laying down

6:30 grunt hoot grunt and spit up. she's only spit up a couple times. wipe her face a little,tuck the burp cloth under her, fall back asleep

7:30 gruntgrunt trying to get out of her swaddle. waking up. unswaddle her, she fills her diap, change her- her cord is off! but gross i don't know where it is at the moment. nurse her, she fills her diap again, nice. change diap. now she's awake and alert, i give up trying to fall back asleep.

now it's 8:29am and i've turned on the today show, she's chillin' in her boppy and i see saylor still asleep on the monitor.
i think this is the most i've been awake at night since she's been born.eyes are burning... quite tired. but still it's not bad- clover knows her days and night and sleeps well. and she doesn't cry, she just grunts at this point in time, which i find awesome. and saylor's a great sleeper, and though he occasionally cries for things, i prefer it to him getting up and coming to our room.
oh boy, lots to be done, but i just want to nap! here we go


Kristin said...

what a night- I hope you get a nap today!

My friend Tamara always says she's going to "powder her nose". I love it!

Happy Hippie said...

Chloe and I just notice you posted this at 5:09am. Holy cow Woman!I know your not getting the most sleep right now, but all that nursing and pooing is such a good sign. I bet she will have a great well check this month! I'm so happy it sound like she is nursing like a champ!! If you ever need me to come over and take Say for a bit while you nap, just let me know. We have a mini van now, so there is plenty of room for him!

saylor days said...

your so sweet holly! yay for a mini van! the blog is on pacific time or whatever, i actually wrote it at 8am.. :)

Sarah said...

Sleeping with two kids in the house is a bit trickier - hope you get at least a few hours tonight!