Tuesday, February 23, 2010

waitin' on baby girl

beginning my third trimester, 27 weeks. last week i turned 26 and was 26 weeks pregnant. doctor told me yesterday i was measuring half a week small, not that that means anything except makes me excited since saylor was so big :) i'm hoping for a smaller baby, for delivery's sake, though it is fun having a big baby! gotta love the baby chunk. we will have to see!
there was a 5 week period or so where i was enjoying pregnancy, don't think i ever even had that with saylor-felt so miserable all the time with him. now that i'm in the final stretch though it's getting a little uncomfortable again. heartburn/nausea are attacking and just feeling less mobile and you know... like a beached whale. i know it's only gonna get worse- it's bearable now but i know 5 weeks from now...sigh! i do so love feeling her move around though, that is the BEST part of pregnancy. and the smiles and the anticipation. SO many of our friends are pregnant right now! it's been fun.
i went barn dancing the other night! i mean... so weird and fun! what a different community. yes there were some...characters there. and it's slightly awkward cuz you basically have to dance with everyone, like hold their hands and everything and it's fast and difficult i was seriously sweating. it's intense! me and another pregnant friend had to sit out every other dance. but oh my gosh what a silly experience. there were also some really sweet people there and it was just so funny to see that world... i still gotta teach colin the moves, he was out of town so he missed it. though... i totally think he'd get into it.
the same adventurous friend who got us into that is having a roller skating birthday party but i'm not sure i could do that at 7 months pregnant...

silly cell phone picture doesn't do it justice. should have gotten video of us actually dancing. good times, good times.


Sailor and Co said...

Sounds like FUN!!!!!!!!

meridith said...

oh we can sit on the sidelines together at the skating party! i am too afraid of falling to risk it at 5 months prego. sushi too! i have been craving it, but sadly i can't get my usual favs. i wish we could have made it to barn dancing. baby girls!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1